Distributed Load Testing Made Easy with MSys’ PurpleStrike Real Time (PSRT) Load Tester

Distributed Load Testing Made Easy for a Leading Global Provider of Virtualization Solutions with MSys’ PurpleStrike Real Time (PSRT) Load Tester

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – Atlanta, GA – MSys, a leading provider of cost-effective test automation solutions and a registered technical partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), is proud to announce its expansion of testing services into distributed load testing using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). MSys’ PurpleStrike Real Time (PSRT) Load Tester allows customers to create tens of thousands of user sessions on a geographically distributed environment to generate the real-time load.

The customer is a leading global provider of access, application virtualization, and RDP acceleration solutions. They provide secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops, and data running on VDI, Cloud platforms, and other systems.

The major challenge they encountered was testing their application virtual platform in a distributed environment with thousands of real users. This involved the creation of thousands of user sessions, simultaneously starting the applications on all the sessions, and then automating the applications to create user actions. Accessibility of the applications published in the customer's server was to be concurrently ensured by the client machines from different geographical regions.

To overcome this challenge and to test their application virtual platform, the customer chose MSys’ PSRT Load Tester to create Real Time setup configuration leveraging on the Amazon EC2 Cloud. Multiple user sessions were created on Amazon EC2 Cloud and live test status of all client machines was simultaneously obtained in a detailed manner.

Thus, distributed load testing of over 25,000 user sessions was successfully completed on the Amazon EC2 cloud. The customer also tested business critical web, windows, and other applications, and the maximum amount of load that a server could handle.

Before using PSRT Load Tester, the client’s testers were manually executing tests with limited number of concurrent user sessions and reviewing logs and server utilization.

This process was expensive, time consuming and monotonous. To improve the efficiency and scalability of testing, the company began searching for a comprehensive solution to meet their distributed load testing needs. With the PSRT Load Tester, they were able to save time and resources, and cut down costs.

The value propositions from PSRT Load Tester are:
• Run any kind of real time application on the Cloud.
• Minimize time required to create and set up large servers to less than 20 minutes.
• Record scripts for distributed load testing.
• Create 25,000 or more concurrent user sessions.
• Ramp Up and Ramp Down sessions to generate real-time spike conditions.
• Execute Split Test Case between the sessions.
• Execute load test from different geographic locations.

To know more about the PSRT Load Tester, visit http://www.msys-tech.com/PurpleStrike-RT.php.

About the Client

The client is a leading global provider of access, virtualization, and RDP acceleration solutions. They provide secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops and data running on Microsoft RDS/Terminal Services, VDI, cloud platforms, and other systems, from a broad range of end user computers and mobile devices.

About MSys

MSys is an innovator in offering IT services and domain-specific automation software. MSys, together with its unparalleled focus and in-depth technical expertise, delivers unprecedented value at an affordable cost in the areas of storage, servers, DR/BC, and virtualization.
MSys is a Technological Partner of Amazon Web Services. For more information, please visit www.msys-tech.com.