Jobs in UK site launched

The launch of Jobs in UK site,, has simplified the search for employment opportunities in the United Kingdom. It has provided job seekers with another great platform to get daily updates on job vacancies in the United Kingdom. The site can be useful for everybody who considers making a career in the United Kingdom.

Online PR News – 20-May-2010 – – Jobs Dugg is a new job site for Jobs in UK that has been launched recently. The Internet has simplified almost every aspect of people’s lives. Job hunting is no exception. The site has made the otherwise daunting task of job search very easy and has taken career hunting on the Internet to a new level. The site has specially been designed for those job seekers who are looking for job vacancies and employment opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Jobs Dugg allows the users to search jobs on the basis of their preferred location. For example, London is often the first choice for most of the job seekers. In that case, the user can simply visit the category section of the website and click on London jobs. There are several subcategories as well, such as west London jobs, north London jobs, and central London jobs. This way, it is very easy to narrow down the searches and find jobs in a very specific location in the United Kingdom. Other categories that are currently available on this Jobs in UK site include Staffordshire Jobs, Bedfordshire Jobs, Armagh Jobs, Antrim Jobs, Angus Jobs, and Aberdeenshire Jobs. Jobs Dugg is frequently adding new categories on a daily basis. The database on the site is growing fast, which means an easy access for job seekers to a significantly much larger number of career opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Unlike other job sites, Jobs Dugg does not require the users to go through complicated and time-consuming registration process. Anybody can visit this site and start exploring the job opportunities there without any fuss. Those who want to get daily updates on the new job vacancies in different parts of the United Kingdom can simply enter their e-mail address and the updates will be sent to their e-mail Ids.

This Jobs in UK site also provides a search box that further simplifies the task of job hunting. The job seeker just has to enter certain keywords related to the type of jobs he or she is looking for and where. There are currently over 2,500 job vacancies, and the number is still growing. Besides these career opportunities, there are hundreds of sponsored jobs. Considering all these factors, it should not be an exaggeration to say that Jobs Dugg is fast emerging as a new haven for job seekers.

Whether a person lives in the United Kingdom or in any part of the world, if he or she is looking for some of the best employment opportunities in London, Staffordshire, Bedfordshire, Armagh, Antrim, Angus, Aberdeenshire, or any other parts of the United Kingdom, the Jobs in UK site should be a wonderful online resource. It requires the users to provide an e-mail id, and they can start getting job updates in their inbox.

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