Light a Candle App 4beloved1 for Iphone and Android

Lighting a candle in 4BELOVED1 application isn't just a virtual candle burning on your phone — for all lit candles in this aplication, they will light a real candle.

Online PR News – 04-April-2013 – Banja Luka – Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 02, 2013 -- Even in the midst of tremendous technological advancement, humanity will remain essentially the same. No matter how many hi-tech gadgets they surround ourselves with, they will have the same emotions. People feel happiness, people feel anger. Everybody still feel sorrow, loss, and pain. All that has changed is the way in which people can express these emotions.

When somebody lose a loved one, it is a time-honoured tradition to light a candle in their memory. New developments in technology have allowed this tradition to be adapted and enhanced for the modern world, while still retaining the core emotional symbolism of the act.

Here at 4BELOVED1 they provide the Light a Candle app 4beloved1 for iPhone and Android, which allows a virtual candle to be lit in the memory of a deceased loved one. This approach to remembering our dearest departed already has a strong following: a quick Internet search will take you to a glowing Light a Candle app review in no time.

Virtual candles such of these have an added benefit in that they are more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts. They do not release any smoke into the atmosphere, and they also do not leave a mess behind by dripping melted wax. They provide a clean and efficient alternative to lighting a real candle, and yet serve just as well as an opportunity to remember the loved ones who are no longer alive.

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