SEECOL Launched Induction Lamps in Different Capital Cities of India

Induction Lamps Manufacturers SEECOL last week launched Induction lamps to various cities in India to help alleviate the current electricity shortage affecting. SEECOL planning to export these induction lamps to different countries.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – Bangalore/Karnataka – Induction Lamps Manufacturers SEECOL last week launched Induction lamps to various cities in India to help electricity saving and alleviate the current electricity shortage affecting.

Speaking at launching ceremony of Induction lamps in India last week, SEECOL CEO Mr. Harsha Murthy said they were determined to improve the well being of communities, especially the vulnerable.

At SEECOL we believe that the technology that we offer should impact and improve people’s lives as it becomes useless if it does not achieve that.

I am happy to say we have received testimonies from various authorities who say they have witnessed an improvement in energy saving' performance after receiving these Induction lamps from SEECOL" he said. “SEECOL launched induction lamps in different capital cities of India” and he also added that they planning to export these Induction lamps to different countries.

Mr. Harsha Murthy in his speech also explained little about induction lamps and its advantage and said as that Induction lamps are a promising technology which features good efficiency and long life. Induction Lamps create light by using an electromagnetic field to excite mercury particles mixed in an inert gas like argon or krypton. The mercury creates a UV light and a phosphor on the inside of the bulb or tube filters the energy into visible light. This is a type of fluorescent light. Unlike a standard fluorescent light this does not use electrodes in the tube. He added some points on advantages of induction lamps as below.

Power Consumption – Energy savings can extremely impact operation costs. Savings can be delivered through the installation of new efficient Induction Lamp technologies which consume only 50% +/- of what the conventional lighting system consumes. All existing lamps and fixtures should be considered for replacement, retrofit or upgrade to maximize energy savings.

Lifetime – Durable Induction Lamps last 5 to 10 times longer than conventional light sources and exceed 100,000 hours of rated lifetime (that is over 22 years of 12 hours of ignition per day). Thus the re-lamping costs can be cut it to a fraction of what is currently being spent on maintenance costs or virtually eliminated. Those costs also apply to purchasing administration, logistics, warehousing, disposal etc.

Wearing Parts – Electrode-less design of Induction Lamps can completely avoid the damage of delicate components such as filaments or electrodes that are the primary causes of lamp failure in conventional light sources including HID, Halogen, Incandescent and Fluorescent lamps. Replacement for induction Lamps is therefore not required at all after vibration, accidental collision or weather storms and long time of ignition as well.

Heat – Less heat generating from Induction Lamps can reduce a lot of cost including lighting fixture maintenance costs and HVAC operation costs from ambient inefficient heat loss.

Color Perceived – Good color rendering index (CRI) is crucial to visibility, safety and comfort. Induction Lamps having a natural color of light can illuminate much better than most conventional light sources. Because light color can greatly change appearance, aesthetics and attractive qualities color options should be an important factor when considering and evaluating light quality.

Hot Strike – Induction Lamps have good performance of instant re-strike without warming up which will ensure that there isn't any additional utility costs from temporary suspensions of power supply. This all will ensure safety and security for those applications where instant re-strike is required.

Cold Ignition – Induction Lamps can be ignited even under much colder circumstances with temperatures lowering to -40 degrees C/-20 degrees F, thus being a preferable light source for cold storages and outdoor lighting applications in cold areas.

Flicker and Glare - Without flicker and glare Induction Lamps can dramatically improve productivity, readability, eyesight and headaches when comparing with conventional light sources including HID and Fluorescent Lamps that generate much flicker.

Noise - With a very quiet and silent design Induction Lamps can make users comfortable without a humming or buzzing.

Environmentally Safe – In Terms of higher energy efficiency Induction Lamps can be adapted to promote energy saving policies and utilize the many Utility Saving Rebate Programs that are available.

EMC – Induction Lamps are the best Lighting Products available for business's when completing a lighting project, since it can bring customers many benefits and a very high ROI with less than 3 years. Induction Lamps are an exceptional cost –effective lighting solution that can replace the conventional lights sources.


As an India based supplier/manufacturer of induction Lamps, SEECOL has been in the development, manufacturing and merchandising of eco friendly lighting products since several years. SEECOL keeps a leading position in the field of energy-saving eco friendly lighting with entirely independent intellectual property right.

SEECOL export induction lamps and fixtures throughout the world, servicing in a diverse range of markets including plants growing, landscape planting, outdoor, commercial, industrial, school classroom, libraries, sports ground, tunnels, city lighting and stuff.

SEECOL's induction lamp has been successfully applied to numerous lighting projects. Its significant energy saving effect has been recognized by every customer.

With belief that science and technology creates the future, we will continue to provide our customers with best green lighting products and bring the environmental friendly induction lamps to the whole world.