Gynaecology Centres Australia: Safe, Legal and Non-Judgement Pregnancy Terminations

Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) has been providing first trimester pregnancy termination services in Australia since 1988.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – Gosford, NSW – Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) has been providing first trimester pregnancy termination services in Australia since 1988. The terminations are safe, legal and non-judgemental. The information provided is concrete and complete and fully unbiased. The way it works at GCA is that every patient is assessed individually and is given detailed counseling before the procedure. The treatment given is extremely personal as it is understood that pregnancy termination is an extremely sensitive issue.

At GCA, the emphasis is always laid on the fact that pregnancy termination can bring tremendous mental trauma for the patient and her family and due care is exercised in all regards. Before the actual procedure, a thorough consultation is conducted with the doctor during which counseling is done. Post counseling, entire medical history of the patient is studied and an ultrasound test is conducted to in which the site of pregnancy is revealed. All this is done by an expert team of doctors.

During the consultation process advice is given to the patient on a number of issues associated with pregnancy and termination. The entire discussion is kept confidential and it takes place only between the patient and the doctor and no third person is present. Post-termination,written information about possible complications and expectations is provided to the patient.

Another service offered by GCA is "medical abortion". It as an alternate way to terminate early pregnancy. GCA thus offers a choice between new-age medical abortion and conventional surgical abortion. It is another thing that the patient has to fit a certain criteria for medical abortion, something which is duly assessed by the experts at GCA.

At GCA, it is thoroughly understood that a "medical" termination can only be performed early in pregnancy. The process is all about taking two different medicines: first an “anti-progesterone” medicine which prevents further growth of pregnancy and the second one being a prostaglandin-like medication which eliminates pregnancy tissues from the uterus. Efforts are made to minimize bleeding and pain and follow-up appointments are given by the doctors.

Treatment for incomplete miscarriage is also provided at GCA along with blighted ovum and foetal demise. The procedure is performed quickly in an environment which is conducive.The patient’s stay in the hospital is very short. Another area in which GCA excels is advice on contraception and overall female health care which includes breast examinations, pap smears,sexual health, menopause management, weight management, bowel screening, osteoporosis screening, fertility management and postnatal checks.

Male Vasectomy

Vasectomy is the latest offering from GCA. It is now available at Newcastle, Wollongong and Hurstville where three extremely experienced surgeons perform the surgery with utmost care.Vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive solution whose success rate is very high. The process is made simple at GCA which does not last more than half an hour. Local anaesthesia or even mild sleep is okay for performing this surgery.

GCA has always made efforts to understand complicated issues like pregnancy termination and contraception. The medical staff is extremely forthcoming. Patients can call any time during the day to discuss their situation with expert doctors of DCA.

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