Green Mtn Labs, Inc., has launched it’s first children’s and family app for the iPad™, eyeSPOT. Already one of the top new Kids and top new Family games on the App Store, eyeSPOT is a theme based scavenger hunt for kids of all ages.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – Vermont, USA – For Immediate Release -- Green Mtn Labs, Inc., a multimedia publisher and consulting firm, has launched it’s first children’s and family app for the iPad™, eyeSPOT. An iPhone® and iPod touch® version is available in mid-April.

The eyeSPOT app takes full advantage of the iPad’s technical capabilities to create a unique visual experience allowing kids of all ages to engage with both the iPad and the world around in a theme based scavenger hunt. It features sophisticated color graphics, visually stimulating photos and hundreds of interactive touch points. Children tap the screen as they spot people, places and things on a variety of boards with the goal of spotting each item on the board. When a board has been completed, children are brought to the Trophy Room, to pick an award and save it on their award shelf.

Green Mtn Lab’s team of designers, illustrators and programmers has collaborated to create an experience that merges a traditional game of eye-spying items into a electronic scavenger hunt. The brainchild of the founders of Green Mtn Labs, the developers were looking for an app to keeps their kids engaged, yet not lost in a screen.
“Our kids were always getting lost in the iPad. While we love the educational value of so many of the apps, they were losing that connection with the world around them. We were looking for something we could use on a road trip, in a waiting room, at the airport, etc. and for something to connect them visually to the things around them,” says Jen Junger, principal of Green Mtn Labs. “As publishers with years of media and design experience, we decided to fill this void in the marketplace and create our own app for children to learn and explore the settings around them. Our eyeSpot app is fun, surprising and educational experience for kids and families to play over and over again.”

With over a dozen boards to choose from, eyeSPOT comes free with the Road Trip and Colors boards. Shapes, Letters, City, Grocery, Soccer/Futbol, Zoo, Beach, Airport, Country, Doctor’s Office, Baseball, and Signs are available for in-app purchase. There’s even the capability to create your own boards and scavenger hunts with the design your own board in-app purchase, which uses your photo album or device’s camera.

Already one of the top new Kids and top new Family games on the App Store, the app engages children on many levels: whether visually identifying objects, deciphering and finding shapes, colors or letters, touching the screen, and observing and thinking about the world around them, children use multiple skills when playing eyeSPOT.

App Availability and Pricing: eyeSPOT app for iPad is available on the App Store for free, and includes 2 boards. Additional boards range from $.99 to $4.99.

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