Blastmaster, the Source of Choice for Sandblasting Equipment

Professionals in the know seek out Blastmaster when they need sandblasting equipment.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – South Australia – Professionals in the know seek out Blastmaster when they need sandblasting equipment. The company offers equipment, including sandblasting machines, moisture removal systems, dust collectors and inspection kits, which are specifically designed to ease blasting work.

(PR) 6 March 2013 -- Blasting specialists look to Blastmaster for sandblasting equipment, dust collectors and other key equipment and machinery that can help them get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. Blastmaster offers cutting-edge yet easy-to-use equipment that aims to make work far easier and faster by helping overcome significant problems.

For instance, moisture in compressed air can slow the blasting process down considerably by causing abrasive to clump together, clogging a grit blasting setup, and requiring frequent stops and starts to clear the system and prevent damage.

To counter this problem, Blastmaster offers the AirPrep Moisture Removal system, which, once added to sandblasting equipment, removes moisture from compressed air. By doing so, it helps users enjoy an increase of up to 15 percent in blasting speeds and a 25 percent reduction in the amount of abrasive required, helping save money, conserve energy and increase efficiency.

Deliquescent Air Dryers are also available for cold-weather blasting operations. The Blast-One Air Dryer System incorporates a multi-step filtration system, utilizing deliquescent tablets to prevent contamination of the air and help guarantee the highest level of contaminant removal possible.

Blasting professionals need to be able to determine the precise characteristics of substrate, including coating thickness, surface profile and defects such as thin spots, and hairline cracks, before they begin blasting. They can rely on the comprehensive coating inspection kit offered by Blastmaster, which includes such core tools as Positector 6000 and Positector DFT gauges, Elcometer 266 DC Holiday detectors, and illuminated inspection magnifiers. Customers who purchase over $2,500 worth of instruments can get a sturdy aluminium carrying case for free.

Aside from sandblasting equipment, Blastmaster also offers a free surface-preparation booklet and wall chart, which can serve as a quick and easy reference for busy blasting professionals.

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