Dr. Patricia Henthorn of Balance & Motion Chiropractic

Dr. Patricia Henthorn of Balance & Motion Chiropractic Offers New Innovative Scientific Based Nutrition Program

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – Phoenix, Arizona – It is a fact that people have major or progressive illnesses with no symptoms at all. The Science Based Nutrition™ program offers a new and innovative type of testing that reveals precisely what is going on in the body. This helps to ward off or prevent diseases before they occur.

Dr. Patricia Henthorn of Balance & Motion Chiropractic now successfully uses this Science Based Nutrition technique with her patients. Dr. Henthorn is a chiropractic physician and holistic health and wellness practitioner, who has had considerable success with the Science Based Nutrition technique.

It starts with testing and an analysis of blood, hair, urine or stool. When the test is read properly it will indicate what imbalances have resulted in her patent’s bodies. Dr. Henthorn states, “it tells what types of diet and supplements they should be taking for maximum health.” She recommends physician grade supplements that are called “nutraceuticals”. They are all plant based and naturally derived and have little or no side effects, but greater effects.

These tests determine many things, for example: what their health status is, what problems might just be beginning, and any possible inbalances that can lead to health issues later. They can also help determine the type of lifestyle a person should be living in regard to diet and exercise, and if their current supplementations are working for them.

Dr. Patricia Henthorn uses this method in her chiropractic practice and recently is starting a new nutritional program at a more reduced price point than other nutritionists. With just a simple test she can tell what changes need to be made in a person’s lifestyle in order to achieve a healthy body, inside and out.

Dr. Patricia Henthorn is located at 8753 E. Bell Road, Suite 105, Scottsdale AZ 85260. See video for Dr Henthorn at http://www.youtube.com/drphenthorn

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