Nashville Church of Scientology Takes Up the Education Problem

Nashville’s Church of Scientology says it’s time to do something to resolve the problems in education.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – Nashville, TN – The Church of Scientology International recently released a new brochure which spotlights Applied Scholastics. Applied Scholastics provides tools to reverse declining educational trends through the technology of study developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Now the Nashville church is taking it upon itself to spearhead education reform. After taking part in Faith Day on the Hill where education was highlighted as a key area the state must address, Rev. Brian Fesler has kicked education into high gear, “Faith Day was about all religious people starting to work together to resolve these issues. Education was the main topic of discussion at the end of the day and I plan to get these people back together to take effective action.”

The United States Department of Education reports that every year, one in three high school students—more than 1.2 million—drop out. Some 30 million American adults score at “Below Basic” in rudimentary language skills, and 60 million more can perform only the simplest everyday tasks involving words and numbers.

Recognizing the effects of lowered education standards and literacy levels, Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard isolated the precise causes for the success or failure of any activity or study and an actual “technology” of learning with which to master any subject. These educational breakthroughs are collectively known as Study Technology.

Applied Scholastics is a fully independent, nondenominational organization supported by the Church of Scientology and by Scientologists. For more than four decades it has made the technology of study available internationally.

Fesler wants to bring this program to the people of Nashville. “Schools can use it, tutors can use it, anyone can use study technology to be able to study.”

Study Technology not only helps students resolve study difficulties and overcome barriers, but also enables them to become self-sufficient, independent learners who can be responsible for their own lifelong learning and education.

In his research of the subject, Mr. Hubbard discovered that the main impediment to a student’s ability to retain and effectively use data was the absence of a technology of how to study. This included his discovery of what are known as the three barriers to study. Study Technology, or Study Tech as it is commonly called, includes the precise methods to overcome these barriers.

The brochure Scientology, How We Help: Applied Scholastics, Achieving Literacy and Education is one of a series of publications presented by the Church of Scientology International to meet requests for more information about the Scientology religion and its support of global humanitarian initiatives and social betterment programs. For more information, visit the Scientology website at