ViewONE Pro viewer from Daeja Image Systems helps drive insurance sector modernisation

Easy-to-use, scalable web-based document and image viewer supports efficient document control and improved customer service

Online PR News – 19-May-2010 – – Daeja Images Systems has highlighted the insurance sector as a key market for its multi-function web-based document and image viewer ViewONE Pro. ViewONE Pro gives users complete control over data by providing instant viewing access to scanned copies of original handwritten forms, documents and supporting images and allowing remote users to annotate them with comments and additional information.

Downloadable and easy to set-up, ViewONE Pro is suitable for use with a wide range of file types. It can help insurance companies achieve a smooth and effective transition from inefficient, difficult to control and time consuming paper-based process. Major organisational efficiencies, improved customer service, plus greater documentation control and security, can result giving adopters a competitive edge over insurance companies still using traditional paper-based systems.

ViewONE Pro is both a dynamic and highly scalable viewer, which can prove extremely valuable in supporting growth by allowing the simple and efficient management of larger customer bases. Compliance with both external regulations, as well as internal procedures, can be eased when using an effective web-based document and image viewer.

Over 300 file formats are supported by ViewONE Pro, these include TIFF, PDF and Word; this flexibility allows a single package to address the complete requirements of an insurance company’s business. Totally customisable, ViewONE Pro can be deployed without specialist knowledge in websites, extranets, bespoke web applications or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

ViewONE Pro is server licensed (not per-user) making it cost-effective and further supporting the need for flexibility and scalability. It provides a secure real-time interface regardless of the geographical location of users.

Daeja Image Systems offers a continually expanding choice of add-on modules to address the evolving needs of its customers. These include a PDF Module - incorporating a text searching tool, and a Permanent Redactions Server Module that adds a ‘burn’ button to permanently block out any sensitive or confidential content.

Describing the relevance of Daeja’s ViewONE Pro to the insurance sector, Wayne Walsh, Operations Director, Daeja Image Systems said: “Many companies in this important sector have long been reliant on paper-based record keeping, documentation and filing. In a highly competitive market where efficiency, growth and customer service are crucial to long-term success, the adoption of much more efficient, dynamic and scalable approaches is of huge importance. Our ViewONE Pro product allows insurance sector businesses to make the change to a high-technology approach for the viewing, sharing and annotating of documents with ease. They can then enjoy all the benefits of a product that will help them simplify processes whilst improving control and reducing costs. Ultimately this can aid the delivery of better, faster customer service leading to improved profitability and growth.”

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Daeja Image Systems is a global leader in the development of powerful and lightweight web-based image and document viewers. The company’s PDF and TIFF viewers, with support for an additional 300 plus formats, can be deployed in any web-based or enabled system to allow organisations of all sizes to easily work on scanned documents and other image files regardless of the geographical location of users.

Daeja’s ViewONE and ViewONE Pro viewers have been deployed in thousands of customer implementations across the globe. They help simplify the sharing, viewing and mark-up of documents to enable improved productivity at a fraction of the cost, and without the administrative burden, of other professional imaging products.

Founded in 1997, Daeja Image Systems is headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK. Daeja’s products are sold both direct to customers and through a mature global network of resellers and integrators. Continuous product evolution and expert customer support reinforce the company’s position as a leader in its field with high levels of customer satisfaction. For further information visit:

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