Green Cleaner Keeps More Green In Your Pocket

Calculator Shows Ladybug Steam Cleaners Save Money

Online PR News – 19-May-2010 – –, a leading marketer of Ladybug vapor steam cleaners nationwide, today announced a calculator to compute annual household cleaning expenditures.

According to V.K. Dunlop, vice president, the average American family spends about $1,200 per year on toxic household cleaning products. Over time, the savings of not buying these dangerous items, Dunlop says, will more than pay for the price of a vapor steam cleaner.

“Every day thousands of chemicals are placed in everyday household products found at the supermarket,” says Dunlop. “Unfortunately, most people think that if something is on the shelf, it’s safe. Truth is, there is increasing evidence that chemicals in common household products contribute to breast cancer, birth defects, asthma, fertility problems, autism and other illnesses. Owning a Ladybug steamer is a simple step you can take to promote green living in your home while keeping more green in your pocket.”

Vapor steam cleaners like the popular Ladybug 2200S use very little water and energy, and eliminate the use of toxic cleaning chemicals that harm human health and the planet. When equipped with the TANCS option, Ladybug steamers are certified by Nelson Labs of Utah to clean thousands of time better than most chemicals.

The Ladybug 2200S kills dust mites and bed bugs on contact, removes allergens, kills bacteria, and removes mold and mildew. It’s ideal for cleaning and sanitizing tile floors, grout, kitchens and bathrooms, children's toys, workout rooms, auto interiors, scatter rugs, pet areas, BBQ grill grates and much more. It even gently removes wrinkles from clothing.

“Our website already has a Vapor Learning Center and fun Quiz that tests your knowledge of cleaning,” says Dunlop. “Now we have a calculator to compute your annual cleaning expenditures. Do the math. The savings of not buying toxic supermarket cleaning supplies will easily pay for a Ladybug.”

Located in the greater Chicago area, is moving fast to educate consumers and businesses worldwide that finally, there's a feasible, environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals. In addition to having residential customers in every state in the nation and 7 foreign countries, has a fast-growing commercial customer base that includes hospitals, healthcare clinics, supermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, corporations, auto detailers, schools and animal shelters.

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