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Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI) is a leading Consulting and Training firm, headquarter in Northern California.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – San Ramon/CA – Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI) is a leading Consulting and Training firm, headquarter in Northern California. GKI's strategy is to identify and eliminate "Waste" in any system, and to train and develop team members.

The training is to the extent that Team Members can successfully sustain the improvements that they have caused and implemented thereby, enabling the organization to become world-class. The GKI approach is customer focused, optimizing the human-capital within your structure. Their multidisciplinary team uses a hands-on strategy, leveraging its affiliations with academia, manufacturing and service organizations to bring the most expertise and experience to the table.

They have 100 years of in-depth knowledge and hands on experience in both Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing system. Get Kaizened will better your business. Their approach contains 3s system which contains see (recognize waste), solve (scientific root-cause analysis) and sustain (prevent recurrence by devising embedded test).

Kaizen is a practice or philosophy that is geared towards continuous change and improvement in working life, social life, family life and personal life. It aims to change the very heart of the business, the corporate culture and structure. It turns vision into practice.

GKI’s knowledgeable experts collaborate as the trusted advisors with the Executives of each organization to create an environment in which the Team Members learn to improve the processesthrough continuous and incremental steps (Kaizen philosophy).

About Get Kaizened, Inc.

Get Kaizened is a leading lean consulting and lean training firm in California providing Kaizen, lean management and lean manufacturing consulting and training services to clients in different industries worldwide. GKI proudly presents a comprehensive selection of training courses in categories of Leadership & Management Skills, Lean Production Principles, Computer Skills, and Business Skills. They will provide you with all the necessary tools and methods to improve subordinates' capabilities. To know more about Get Kaizened, Inc. services, you can visit