Shopargan Offers its Mesmerizing Array of Essence of Argan Oil at Special Prices

Shopargan, the online store engaged in marketing and distribution of Essence of Argan gives out special discounts on all Argan oil products. In addition, it gives an introductory free shipping offer to customers who buy Argan oil products from the website.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – Plantation, Florida – Shopargan, the exclusive online shop selling Argan oil products offers its array of Essence of Argan bottles at special discounts. The products made from purest form of Moroccan oil from the tree of Argan have been found to proffer health as well as beauty benefits from the days of yore. These products made from the rich oil of Argan have won fancy of Hollywood celebrities for long. The online store is an endeavor to bring these products within reach of the common people, thus selling them at mind-blowing discounts. guarantees on the authenticity of each of its products, being eco-certified and hundred percent organic in nature. The oil used in the products is imported directly from the Moroccan soil where the rare species of Argane tree is found. The extraction of the Argane oil is a meticulous job performed manually by the dexterous and assiduous hands of the native Berber women of Morocco. The high price of the oil testifies the rarity of the species, the exhaustive way of extraction and the plethora of medicinal, cosmetic and nutritional values it possesses.

Reiterating about the benefits which users of Essence of Argan can get, the Director of Shopargan said, “Buy Argan oil in its purest of forms at Shopargan directly obtained from the lush Argane plantation in Morocco and experience the miraculous benefits endowments which this organic oil bestows on you. Just as the Tree of Life is a blessing for the natives and several creatures living in the Argan Forest, the oil extracted from the nutritious kernels of the Argan fruits smothers its users with advantages galore. It is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and carotene all of which contribute to a healthy skin that looks youthful and healthy. From giving you flawless skin to hair that shines in its lustrous aura, treating diaper rashes to curing skin issues like psoriasis and eczema, the oil does it all to enhance your beauty.”

The bottles of Argane oil are available in myriad sizes and quantities with discounts which can only be obtained at the online store. Apart from the oil, Shopargan also sells Argan soap, which treats wrinkles and skin damaged and chapped from excess heat exposure. Other products include Argan shampoo, conditioner, teeth whitener, and hair masque, each possessing the Argane oil as its primary ingredient.
Added the Director, “At Shopargan, we guarantee to bring to you the chastity of the Gold of Morocco and through this endeavor, we seek to support those several thousands of Berber women who carry out the tedious work of extraction for hours on end. So grab this opportunity to bring out the youth in you with this miraculous oil and lend your support to these meticulous workers.”

To know more, log onto is an online venture engaged in distribution of Essence of Argan products in their purest forms. The store has an array of Argane oil products ranging from the basic oil to shampoos, conditioners and hair masques, their basic ingredient being the Liquid Gold or the oil from the Argan tree in Morocco. The products are mostly direct imports from Morocco, a gesture by which the online store attempts to support the native Berber women of the country who undertakes this exhaustive task of extraction manually and flawlessly. The oil has been deemed nutritious and healthy in several ways capable of curing skin and hair problems.