Dosh Delivery Announce Their Improved, Super-Fast Online Application

The popular pay day lender, Dosh Delivery announced recently that they have made further improvements to their online application process. These improvements come as a way to make the process of applying for a loan even easier for customers.

Online PR News – 01-April-2013 – London – The reputable lender, DoshDelivery announced recently that they have made further improvements to their online application software.

Many of their customers who are looking for a short term cash advance need to know that they can apply for funds quickly and with the minimum time spent filling in complicated forms.

The company have now improved their online processes to that some applications can be processed in as little as ten minutes. This is good news for lenders who often find they have to deal with real emergencies and need cash very quickly.

The new systems can process applications extremely quickly and pay borrowers their loans within minutes.

Feedback from customers has been extremely positive and the company are delighted with the high praise and glowing responses. Their customers are particularly happy that the entire process from application to cash in the bank can all happen so quickly.

One of the reasons the application process is so swift is because there is no credit check required with their application. Decisions on loan applications can therefore be delivered instantly, online and loan documents emailed to the borrower automatically.

On occasion some borrowers are required to provide additional information however, even this part of the application process has been improved by DoshDelivery. Their customer service team has also been improved so that they can speak directly to customers who require assistance, even as they are completing their application online.

The company’s short term loans can be applied for 24/7, even at weekends and the funds are transferred immediately for all successful applications. There is no paperwork, faxing of documents or lengthy application process required; the entire process can now be done online and within minutes.

The company now plan to monitor their customer feedback and make continual checks that the improved systems are working perfectly at all times.