The Blabble, a new online article directory.

New free online article directory. Free and paid listings available a great way to advertise. The Blabble is looking for original articles and creative listings!

Online PR News – 01-April-2013 – Lexington/Kentucky – Newly developed website, is a free and paid article directory. Designed to be user friendly and easy on the eyes. The Blabble wants to create a place where authors, business men, artists, and more can connect with the public with minimal advertising on their articles.

This is a new sight and is in need of original content and is a great opportunity for websites and bloggers to build back links.

The Blabble wants your input on how to improve the site both for viewers and authors in order to create a more efficient website. It is important for website owners and bloggers to constantly build links to improve page rank, why not take advantage of a free service?

In order to submit articles all you will need to do is register, fast, free, and safe. Visit to get started.