MindArray Systems Announces MindArray IPM-The Most Advanced Virtual Machine Monitoring System

MindArray IPM is announced to help you gain timely data, analytics. All in all, the advanced system offers full utilization of the virtualization management across different levels of virtual machine monitoring.

Online PR News – 01-April-2013 – Ahmedabad,Gujarat – MindArray Systems is delighted to introduce MindArray IPM, an integrated system which is aimed at offering virtual machine monitoring solution. The advanced system is meant for easy deployment and fast performance. It has been skilfully developed to offer next generation Business Service Management.

According to the developers, “The MindArray IPM is efficient to become the central management and central monitoring interface of any and every IT company”. One of the developers went on to add that it would be of great help for monitoring and tracking personnel within an IT infrastructure or environment. Out of the box and customized reporting as well as dashboards are some of the many benefits that the system offer.

The MindArray IPM improves the visibility into the virtual machine performance and alert system management as and when any faults occur in the infrastructure. It consists of an integrated dashboard which certainly makes it easier for system manager to monitor the virtual servers and machines in the virtualization management.

MindArray IPM is technically sound and advanced to help gain real time access to the point in time data, analytics. Apart from these robust event management, utilization trend across the different levels of virtual server monitoring which includes servers, virtual machines, hypervisor and applications are some of the other striking qualities of the same.

The MindArray IPM comprises of some of the most powerful attributes which enables the system to detect and analyze problems on all the data points of the virtual infrastructure. With the proper utilization of MindArray IPM, people can gain enhanced set of capabilities and functionalities in order to manage the performance of the virtual environment. It offers the capability to address several major challenges faced by the virtualization managers.

The VMware virtual machine monitoring scans active memory to CPU usage to gather information on hardware sensors and configuration of virtualization. In fact the virtual machine monitoring system reports all minute details with a deep insight. On the other hand, The HyperV virtual machine monitoring system detects the hardware details that include the hardware performance and usage and even the availability of the information. All of which helps you to gain in more ease and visibility.

For further information on virtual machine monitoring as provided by MindArray IPM, visit http://www.mindarraysystems.com/virtual-machine-monitoring.php