Logicmonitor Offers Hosted Monitoring Of Networks, Servers, Applications, Storage And Cloud

Get instant visibility to the entire IT infrastructure stack in a single dashboard.

Online PR News – 30-March-2013 – Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara; CA; USA; For customers here is a chance to dramatically reduce the complexity and staff time required for effective monitoring. LogicMonitor, a Santa Barbara based company offers a server monitoring service that supports a multi-tenanted environment.

Customers look for four key factors when choosing a hosted monitoring service - price, time required for running, cost of staff for upkeep, and ease of use.

LogicMonitor scores on all four counts.

For a small IT staff to achieve maximum business continuity is a challenge in these increasingly complex IT environments.

“We need configured templates that start monitoring devices fast”, says an IT manager. “More than that, we need a tool that does the work for us, automatically detecting whatever we add - and monitoring it.”

This is exactly what LogicMonitor delivers – a scalable enterprise class monitoring solution that does away with large upfront capital investment and costs toward employing staff for maintenance and set-up.

Monitoring tools are many in the market. But installing, configuring and maintaining the tools are a daunting task. For each device the user must know what needs to be monitored, how to collect the right data and display it in a useful form, and what alert thresholds to be set at.

“We need alerts delivered effectively, and the largest number of alert methods available”, says an IT manager. “Downtime and latency issues are critical, and timely alerts make me sleep better at night."

With LogicMonitor, users can monitor their entire infrastructure with one solution.

The server monitoring service offers netapp monitoring, cloud computing and virtualization monitoring, database monitoring, load balancer monitoring, storage monitoring and website monitoring among others.

For businesses, instant visibility is their primary need. No adminsitrator wants to be in a situation wherein after adding a new device into operation, it has to come to terms with hundreds of possible values to monitor. It can takes hours, weeks, or even months to get just right.

LogicMonitor does it all. The server monitoring service, once employed , can do the job of checking system health from anywhere. A key advantage is you can view role-based dashboards, performance graphs and alerts from any browser.

Customers who desire a dependable server monitoring service can contact LogicMonitor at;

901 Olive St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Ph: 888.415.6442

Email: info@logicmonitor.com

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