Smart Tweezers LCR-meter Expand Globally into Over 27 Countries

Siborg System Inc.'s LCR-meter, Smart Tweezers has gained new promotional partners, as well as the first calibration facility in Europe. The device gets new web pages for users, and developmental help on an exciting new model.

Online PR News – 30-March-2013 – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Siborg Systems Inc. first introduced their innovative device, Smart Tweezers LCR-meter, completely changing the way to evaluate components and troubleshoot PCBs. Smart Tweezers have gained new partners globally to market the device in over 27 countries on 5 continents. Siborg has launched multiple websites for the device, each adapted for users in different regions. The first European calibration center has been established in Poland, and development has begun on a new model with help from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Smart Tweezers are the handiest solution to testing and troubleshooting electronics and PCBs. Designed specifically for Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the device is the combination of a set of stainless steel, gold plated tweezers, a small display screen, and an LCR-meter with accuracy and speed that rivals conventional bench-type testers. The newest model, the ST5, features designated ESR (equivalent series resistance) measurements, diode and continuity testing and a basic accuracy of 0.2%. Smart Tweezers features a Li-Ion battery and charges via micro-USB.

With just a touch of the tweezers' tips to a component, the device automatically measures for Inductance (L), Resistance (R), and Capacitance (C), as well as secondary parameters, such as the ESR of a capacitor. With a patented mechatronic design, Smart Tweezers features very low and well defined parasitics that are easily eliminated with the semi-automatic offset subtraction feature. With the parasitics removed, the device is able to measure as low as 1 picofarad and 1 milliohm for R and C, and to a fraction of microHenry for L.

Best used in production lines and work that involves evaluating Surface Mount Devices, component sorting, and testing and troubleshooting PCBs, Smart Tweezers simplifies the work. The new distributors that now offer Smart Tweezers in their markets agree that Smart Tweezers are an extremely useful tool in any applications involving electronics.

"Smart Tweezers is a fine match to our line of products", says Lau Yu Han, the Managing Director at CF System, "We supply equipment for production, rework and repair of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) packed with small SMT components that are virtually impossible to debug with the use of conventional LCR-meters. Light-weight and unique mechatronic design of Smart Tweezers make it easily usable by just one hand leaving the other free for for other tasks."

"From the very first look at Smart Tweezers it was clearly a perfect match to our line of products," says Czeslaw Ruszowski, CEO at Bokar International, "We manufacture equipment for production, rework and repair of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) densely packed with SMT components, as small as 0.3 mm. It makes debugging of a faulty PCB virtually impossible with the use of conventional LCR-meters. Smart Tweezers™ light-weight design integrating high-precision SMT probes, accurate digital LCR-meter and an LCD display makes it easily usable by just one hand leaving the other free for taking notes or holding other tools."

The new distributors include: KT International (Indonesia), Van Device (Japan), GoldTek (China), CF System Technology (Malaysia), Advance Tech Services (India), Bokar International (USA), Production Solutions (Poland), Dipaul (Russia), SIBBIS International (USA), PrinTec (Netherlands), and Newly-Tsuchiyama (Japan).

Siborg has launched multiple websites for new users in different regions (China, India, USA [], Canada [], etc.). Each website is localized to the region and start with a video introduction to the device, as well as user tips. The Smart Tweezers’ Blog was also launched, which features all the latest news about the device.

The very first calibration facility in Europe has been opened at Production Solutions in Warsaw, Poland. This center offers a closer location for European customers to send their device if they need annual calibration in order to stay ISO compliant. Previously these customers had to send their devices abroad to India, or North America, which, dealing with customs, shipping and time could be a hassle. Many clients resorted to a third party calibration technique, which does not change the coefficients in the device, but rather just proves the accuracy by comparing the measurement values to the values of standard components. With a facility in Poland, Europeans clients have a proper alternative to this method.

With help from the Institute of Electrometry and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Russia, development on a new model of Smart Tweezers has begun. The new model will still feature the same basic design, but with a lower manufacturing cost to the benefit of the customer.

Smart Tweezers are a professional grade tool currently being used by many major-high tech companies worldwide. Follow the Smart Tweezers’ Blog to keep up on all the latest Smart Tweezers’ news. []

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