Bamboo Bicycle Company Helping Disabled Children in Africa

BOOGÜD is a bamboo bicycle company that manufactures bamboo bikes in Phoenix, AZ. For each bike sold, they help out disabled children in Kenya. They just launched a crowdfunding project on RocketHub where they are using the donations to start their mission in Kenya.

Online PR News – 30-March-2013 – Phoenix, AZ – Young social entrepreneurs need your help to fund their “BOOGÜD – Bamboo Bicycles” project.

BOOGÜD is a bamboo bicycle company that manufactures bamboo bikes in Phoenix, AZ. For each bike sold, they help out disabled children in Kenya. BOOGÜD’s bikes are absolutely gorgeous, unique, and considered to be high performance bikes. They recently started the company in October and sales have been going well, and they are now focused on setting up their philanthropic mission in Kenya. They recently launched a crowdfunding project on RocketHub to fund this mission; here is their story:

There is a huge disabled population in many developing countries and particularly in a lot of countries in Africa. In Kenya, it’s estimated that about 10% of the population is disabled. This is a huge problem in poverty stricken countries because a child that’s born disabled is seen as unequal and a burden on the family. In many instances the child is either poisoned, left for dead, hidden in a room for the rest of their life, or they have to resort to begging for change on the side of the road. This happens because the families don’t feel like they can care for the child. They can’t take them to school, because they would have to carry them or push them in a wheelchair, which is impossible for many of them because they have to constantly be working to support their families.

BOOGÜD is a company that is looking to address this problem. Besides their bamboo bikes, they have developed a device that actually allows disabled children to travel places by themselves, which opens up the possibility of obtaining an education and living a life of independence.

While enrolled at Arizona State University, Founder, Derrick Loud (24), developed an innovative mobility device for people in wheelchairs. The device is called an attachable handcycle and it functions by attaching to any existing wheelchair, lifting the front wheels off the ground, and turning it into a hand-driven tricycle. This is particularly useful for wheelchairs being used in developing countries, because the front wheels of a wheelchair get stuck in the ground and allow the individual to go nowhere. They have to always rely on someone pushing them places.

The project that they launched on RocketHub is focused on raising funds to setup a manufacturing facility in Kenya, where they will hire Kenyan workers to actually build the handcycles. Then, through various organizations, the handcycles will be donated to children in need. Once the building is up an running in Kenya, BOOGÜD’s overall plan will be in place; for each bamboo bicycle sold, mobility will be given to a child in need.

Their project on RocketHub is a crowdfunding project, where people donate money and receive rewards in return for their donation. BOOGÜD has a wide variety of rewards to choose from, including their bamboo bikes, small handmade bamboo products, BOOGÜD merchandise, an eco-friendly bike rack made by SITGREEN Furniture, and the chance to give mobility to five children in need. Everyone that donates to the project will have the chance to win a free bamboo bike.

BOOGÜD’s bamboo bikes have garnered a lot of interest from Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and the Chief Strategy and Mission Officer of TOMS Shoes, Candice Kislack. “Our bamboo bikes incorporate everything that a bike should be. Riding a bike is an inherently good thing to do, good for the environment, good for you well being, and your piece of mind. We’re completely raising the bar on the level of good that can come out of riding a bike. Our bikes allow people to do good for children that are in desperate need of help. Owning a BOOGÜD opens up new opportunities for social and educational inclusion for disabled children living in Kenya,” says Loud.

Their bamboo bikes aren’t just bikes that change lives, their actually amazing bikes to ride. The bikes are as strong as steel framed bikes while dampening vibrations from the road better than any other bike frame material, resulting in a smooth ride. They sell single speed/fixed gear bikes as well as high performance custom road bikes. Each frame weighs approximately 3.5 lbs. Most of their customers enjoy hanging their bamboo bikes on their living room walls as a functional piece of art that also warms their heart, not to mention a great conversation starter for when they have company over.

Be sure to follow them on their website ( and Facebook ( to follow their progress and make sure to spread the word to your social media networks. Consider donating as little as $5 to help their project come to life. Their project is located on RocketHub (


If you’d like more information about BOOGÜD’s RocketHub Project, or to schedule an interview with Derrick and the team please email or call (623) 521-5009.


Derrick Loud studied Biomedical Engineering (B.S. and M.S.) at Arizona State University and currently works fulltime on BOOGÜD. He is a 2012 SEED SPOT entrepreneur and a 2013 ASU Innovation Challenge winner. Derrick grew a passion for helping the physically disabled in Kenya while enrolled at ASU. He and two other Biomedical Engineering students designed and built a prototype of the attachable handcycle for a 10-year-old boy living in Malawi, Africa named Ishmael. The handcycle was donated to Ishmael through Sustainable Resources, a nonprofit organization. The rest of the BOOGÜD team includes Doug Liu (undergrad at ASU), Alexander Chapin (professional videographer/photographer), and Wesley de la Rosa (undergrad at ASU). Together, they have the technical design skills, media creation skills, and entrepreneurial savvy that make them the perfect team for bringing BOOGÜD out into the world.