ZypPages Partners With Chicana-Latina Foundation Closes Digital Divide For Small Businesses


Online PR News – 30-March-2013 – Palo Alto, CA March 25, 2013 – ZypPages and The Chicana Latina Foundation have teamed up to help the large under-served market segment of small contractors, service providers, freelancers and home businesses get a valuable web page without the expense or technical support requirements of a conventional web site.

ZypPages the world’s simplest internet-posting system directly uploads any document in any format from any computer’s “My Docs” and establishes the user’s mobile number as the online locator and URL. This simple approach addresses this large market of independent contractors, a large portion of which is “tech-hesitant” or resource constrained and therefore cannot easily use the benefits of online display in their marketing.

Every small business person is asked, “Do you have a website?” The customer is really asking, “How can I learn more about you before I call?” ZypPages gives shoppers the information they want without building a website, without depending on anyone else, using any existing document or file, in any format. It gives the user total control and their mobile “page address” never expires.

“The information that a customer wants -- product or service details, prices, contact information, hours and area served – can be provided with a single page on ZypPages, thereby eliminating the need to invest in a website,” Ray Kasbarian,, CEO”

ZypPages is not for consumers “searching” for a service, but for those who want additional information about someone they have identified from an advertisement, flyer or business card. “Small business owners will find value in ZypPages because they do not have to learn or change anything and can use their existing marketing materials such as flyers, business cards, classified print ads and coupons to easily expand to online details,” explained Ray Kasbarian, ZypPages CEO. “ZypPages allows millions of small businesses to use the power of the internet for their marketing while freeing them from spending time and money on conventional websites.”

Olga Talamante, Executive Director of the Chicana/Latina Foundation stated, “Latinos remain the largest "unconnected" ethnic group in California. Being disconnected means much more than lack of internet access, it means that many opportunities remain out of reach for low-income Latino children and their families. We are excited about the ZypPages product because it could be a great resource to our low income entrepreneurs (gardeners, mechanics, house cleaners, hair salons, arts and crafts, etc) who don't have resources to establish a web page. This is great solution for this community”.

About The Chicana Latina Foundation

The CLF has been in existence for over 35 years and it is part of a grant from The California Emerging Technology Fund to get 5,000 low income ‘unconnected’ families onto the internet. CLF had recent success with a similar grant and in 2010 with community partners trained over 7,500 low-income Latinos in basic computer skills, provided over 1,000 families with a home computer and an internet connection. CLF plans about 50 events over 18 months to reach strategic Latino communities and get them trained and connected.

About ZypPages

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, ZypPages provides a connection-engine communications platform for personal and business brands and their customers. It instantly delivers target pages without unnecessary search and navigation steps. The Company is developing many applications built around its breakthrough patent-pending, one-step, connection engine platform that links Proprietary Digital Indexes™ (Personal, Corporate or Agency) to online profiles and other data.

Barbara Bernard