EZC Group disturbs the file transfer world with a promising new concept: YobiDrive Flows

The Luxembourg startup EZC Group launches a new concept for sending files of any size, based on linear and visual flows of information. YobiDrive Flows revisits the file transfer in an easy and social way to replace the good old USB key that you bring back and forth.

Online PR News – 30-March-2013 – Foetz/Luxembourg – We all need to transfer large files to friends and business partners. And most of the time, it's not just a one time event: our customer wants some evolution of our documents, friends want fresher pictures, communities want to contribute to the same flow. Classic file transfer solutions do not really replace the good old USB key that you bring back and forth or circle through members, and online storage spaces are too complex, and definitely overkill for the job.

That's the simple idea behind YobiDrive Flows: creating a virtual wire between you and your community, just the way you link home computers with a hub and couple of cables. Actually, it's much more fun than cables, because users have a direct view of what's coming in.

So how does it work ?

YobiDrive Flows create a flow of files and messages displayed in a visual, timelined representation. Usage is really straightforward, and the manual fits on a thumbnail:
1) Go to https://flows.yobidrive.com, create a flow and bookmark it.
2) Drop files, add a subject and a message if you want
3) Share the read or write URLs with your community
4) Start again at step 2) !

Events are kept 14 days, and flows are only deleted after 60 days if no activity anymore.

WARNING: flow creations are upon invitation only. Here is one invitation code you should be able to use:


(we can't guarantee there will be some remaining slots for this invitation at the time you create your flow). Service starts with support for computers running Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE8+ browsers, tablets and phones will be added soon.

As a matter of fact, it's simple stupid and extremely convenient, and we're waiting for the next steps announced by the team:
"Our goal with YobiDrive Flows is to bring to the large file sending world what WiFi and home networks did bring to file exchanges with CDs or USB Cards. We want to makes flows of information easier and more visual. Flow viewers display images and will be extended for other files formats, and the API has already been designed to support tagging, filtering hubs that aggregate flows and connectors that will pick and deliver files from your favourite storage services. And the best to come is with the revolution of the Internet of Things".

YobiDrive Flows is based on YobiDrive Y3, EZC's core product and first cloud productivity platform. EZC being specialized in white label platforms, we shouldn't be surprized to see professional transfer solutions emerging, combining the flows concept and the native collaborative encryption features of Y3. We will keep you updated.