Calgary Dentist Dr. Kim Orth Explains Patient-Side Benefits of DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection

Dr. Orth explains the DIAGNOdent system, how it works, and the benefits it presents for the patient.

Online PR News – 30-March-2013 – 3/27/2013, Calgary, Alberta – Calgary, Alberta In the fight against cavities, reliable detection remains equally important to reliable treatment. Early cavities, however, can often be difficult to detect, as they are sometimes "hidden" within a tooth. DIAGNOdent is a system created to find these hard-to-spot cavities, and Calgary's Dr. Kim Orth was on hand to discuss its patient-side benefits.

"DIAGNOdent is a laser-based technology that helps us better detect cavities or 'dental caries,'" Dr. Orth explains. "Over 90% accurate in caries detection, DIAGNOdent uses a specific wavelength of light to scan for cavities within a tooth. This is decay that may otherwise go undetected in a visual exam, using a dental explorer or through x-rays."

Explaining the science behind the DIAGNOdent system, Dr. Orth offered this: "DIAGNOdent scans the teeth with safe pulses of laser light. If decay is detected, it will emit fluorescent light, alerting us that a cavity is present."

Dr. Orth also went on to detail a few of DIAGNOdent's most important patient-side benefits. "DIAGNOdent allows us to effectively find decay in its earliest stages, preventing more serious damage to the tooth. This can often help patients avoid a more invasive dental procedure - along with any associated expenses."

Dr. Orth's Downtown Calgary practice, Core Dental, holds a reputation for utilizing many of today's most cutting-edge dental technologies. Along with DIAGNOdent, Core Dental features digital x-rays, an intra-oral camera, VELscope® for oral cancer screenings and many others.

Asked to speak on the role of DIAGNOdent in delivering quality dental care, Dr. Orth concluded with this: "In the end, incorporating DIAGNOdent into our practice was important for one reason alone - to better serve those who matter the most to us: our patients."

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Dr. Kim Orth is a General Dentist practicing in Downtown Calgary. A member of the Alberta Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association, and a graduate of the Alberta Dental School, Dr. Orth practices at Core Dental, located on the fourth floor of the Core Shopping Centre (formerly known as the Eaton Centre).Core Dental can be reached at 403.265.5724 or

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