JustBIO’s new natural health products promote a healthy supply of energy and prevent neurotoxicity.

After years of research, award-winning Canadian biotechnology company JustBIO is ready to launch its first series of natural health products that promote homeostasis and a healthy sustainable and renewable supply of energy without damaging effects.

Online PR News – 27-March-2013 – La Pocatière, Québec Canada – La Pocatière, Québec March 28th, 2013. -- JustBIO inc. just completed the development of a new line of natural health products that will be sold under the company’s trademark. These products utilize patented concept unique to JustBIO that encompasses four novel polyphenol-rich synergistic blends made from herbal and fruit extracts sweetened with maple syrup that work in synergy to promote homeostasis, a state of equilibrium that plays a crucial role in the prevention of diseases. These formulations specifically target cardiac functions, neurological functions, female endocrine functions, and digestive functions. JustBIO™ products are named JustFLOW, JustFEMINA, JustCALM and JustFREE. They are offered as concentrated shots approved by Health Canada. They will be launched on the Canadian market and via the web imminently.

An extensive scientific study recently published in the April 2013 issue of the peer-reviewed International Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism shows that JustBIO’s formulations regulate mitochondrial activity and ATP responses to promote a sustainable and renewable energy supply in human oral mucosal cells, and were neuroprotective (Gauthier and Chabot, 2013), unlike the well-known energy drink Red Bull, which caused significant mitochondrial breakdown and energy depletion of human mucosal cells. and did not prevent neurotoxicity of dopaminergic neuronal cells. A human clinical study is planned to test the relevance of these novel findings.

Research and development projects carried out by JustBIO are directed by the Founder, President and CEO of the company, Sophie Chabot Ph.D., an ex-member of the Harvard Medical School. JustBIO’s mission is to help reduce the risks of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, immune dysfunctions, and neurodegenerative diseases. Further research projects at JustBIO aim to achieve key milestones to validate the proof-of-concepts achieved in the lab and explore additional applications of the formulations at work. As mentioned by Dr Chabot: « we continue to be excited about the interesting product concepts our technologies could enable. An actual energy drink without caffeine is hard to find. By promoting longer energy lifting benefits without toxicity, our products offer to consumers a healthy caffeine-free alternative to energy drinks with damaging effects, such as addiction or energy crashing. Our products are also very high in antioxidants, and could be particularly beneficial to endurance athletes who, in addition to their sustainable energy requirement, can suffer the free radical damage up to 200 times more than normal. »

JustBIO is a Canadian biotechnology company committed to developing novel strategies for the maintenance of human health and increasing wellness. JustBio’s IP portfolio also includes a manufacturing stevia extraction process that creates the optimal steviol glycoside composition, which provides a clean, sweet taste at high sugar-replacement levels. JustBIO is currently planning IP licensing for specific territories, and international distribution of JustBIO”s products is expected to go forward through commercial partnerships.

Sophie Chabot, President and CEO
Email: info@justbio.ca, Tel: 418-580-0833
Website: www.justbio.ca