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Eryn-Faye Frans addresses the epidemic of Christians facing divorce

Online PR News – 27-March-2013 – Waterloo (March 27, 2013)- – With research and news media reporting that Christian marriages have a dismal 50 per cent success rate, the church has been forced to face an epidemic of divorce. The dirty little secret behind why these marriages are falling apart is that Christians can be woefully unprepared for a key but often taboo aspect of the marriage relationship - sex. Respected speaker, teacher, coach and author; Eryn-Faye Frans has chosen to respond to this epidemic by dedicating her ministry to resourcing Christian couples.

For almost ten years, Eryn-Faye has done extensive research and coached thousands of individuals and couples. Her review of these ten years has revealed that while 70 per cent of divorces are instigated by women, most resources on the topic of sex in marriage are written by men. After uncovering this enormous problem, Eryn-Faye has been even more committed to being a thoughtful, respectful but very real voice addressing marital intimacy. She provides a uniquely biblically-based, scientifically- established understanding of the issues men and women face in the bedroom.

“Sex is consistently listed as one of the top 2 factors contributing towards divorce. When a couple is having difficulty in their sex life they are usually facing problems in other areas of their marriage as well. My goal is to resource these couples with tools that will guide them towards getting their marriage in a healthy place again” said Eryn-Faye.

In December 2012 she released her most popular workshop to the public as a book, entitled The Essential Elements of Sex: 9 Secrets to a Lifetime of Intimacy (iUniverse, ISBN 978-1475955293). Both the book and workshop provides readers with the building blocks they need to achieve the sex life they’ve always hoped for in their marriage.

Eryn-Faye has been very well-received as a speaker across denominations and has received rave reviews from Canadian influencers, due to her ability to address the topic of intimacy with frankness as well as respect, making it both helpful and safe for Christian church audiences. Most recently she has been invited to address this topic in workshops for pastors and their spouses, with a strong positive response.


About Eryn-Faye Frans
Eryn-Faye Frans, LL.B., Canada's Passion Coach®, has become a recurring guest on radio shows, TV programs and in churches across North America. Above all of that however, Eryn-Faye's favorite roles are "Mamma" to her daughter Riley, and "Wifey" to the love of her life, Eric.

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