CasinoWebScripts Launches Sic Bo Deluxe Dice Game

The Sic Bo Deluxe Dice Game is a high quality application created by Casinowebscripts to try to emulate the experience of playing Sic Bo in real life casinos.

Online PR News – 27-March-2013 – Coventry, United Kingdom – The game is enjoyable to play, because all of the controls and graphics have been refined by the developers. During the game, the players are free to bet on as many combinations as they please and the computer will calculate all the winning odds. These odds are useful in making a decision about the bet that will be placed in the end.

Playing Sic Bo
If you are not familiar with the game of Sic Bo it is time to learn what it is all about. While playing Sic Bo, developed by Casinowebscripts, the player is going to be betting on whether or not certain combinations of dices are going to come up. They can do this by placing chips onto sections of the betting board before the dices are actually rolled. When finished with all the betting, the dealer will roll the dices and the player will find out whether or not he won.

The Results Display
While playing the game, the most recent rolls that the dealer has made can be noticed on the right of the screen. Although the rolls don’t really have any effect on which rolls are going to occur in the future, many players like to look at what they have already seen and use that to help them make their future bets. The results box makes it quick and easy to do that.

Time Saving Menu
There is a set of buttons on the left side of the screen that is designed to save players a great deal of time, and make the game more convenient to play in the long run. These buttons will give players the ability to remove all of their bets from the board with a single click. They also allow players to repeat the same bet that was used in the previous game. This can prove to be very useful to players who like to use the same complicated bet every single time while they are playing. There is also an undo button that will remove a bet, functionality that can be replicated using the mouse right click button.

Game Customization
While competing edge to edge with top casino games providers, CasinoWebScripts managed to implement some unique features to this game.

Players have the ability to pick the color of the board out of the three different options that are available. They also have the ability to zoom in or out from the board to a display size that is comfortable for everyone to play.

The view can be adjusted with a zoom slider, or using the mouse wheel. Pressing the display button once again will bring the display back to its original size once again.

This excellently crafted game would make a good addition for anybody interested to buy casino games.

The game launched by these casino games providers, requires a version of at least Flash Player 11 to be played. The new technology allows mouse right click to be used to undo any bets, thus speeding up the gameplay experience and the game controls considerably.

The game comes in both single player and multiplayer versions. has made this game available for purchase since 21st February 2013 on their website. Visit developer website to buy casino games:

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