OscarsVoice announces their new collection of Hypnosis recordings

OscarsVoice introduces their new collection of Hypnosis recordings with the aim of educating consumers the benefits of self hypnosis

Online PR News – 19-May-2010 – – OscarsVoice.com, a New York based company recently announced their latest release of their new collection of Hypnosis recordings for consumers who are interested in self-hypnosis. Oscar Gillespie, owner of OscarsVoice.com enthusiastically mentions that “OscarsVoice.com is the perfect place where you can find all you need to follow you dreams and find whatever success and love you sincerely desire. Naturally Spiritual and Spiritually Natural"

With over twenty-five years in the psychotherapy and self-development field, and teaching all over the United States. He is the leading expert in this particular field.

OscarsVoice.com features Self-hypnosis and Self-development recordings as well as readings, books and educational materials. Initially featuring Oscar Gillespie, the voice of the title, and then to add the work of guest speakers and musicians.

Interestingly, in the Hypnosis, Meditation and Self-Development sections, are not your usual hypnosis CDs. Oscar approaches the spoken word cannon with the voice of an actor and the experience of a veteran psychotherapist and motivator (which he is). Modeled after Wendi.com and Healthjourneys.com, two veterans in the field, he raises the bar with very personal, intimate and insightful presentations. He adds a very personal writing style and powerfully effective narrative voice.

“Tracks like The Deadly Serious Business of Having Fun and Deep Down I'm Really Superficial, bring a great sense of lightness and ease to the process of change and growth, as you are reminded that Enlightenment does mean to lighten up,” says Oscar. He further adds that Take a Pause teaches and installs the ability to step back momentarily from any habit or pattern, to reroute the conditioning and Hold the Vision provides the reminders, support and motivation to stay the course and keep going in the direction of your dream or plan.

The catalog will also contain the usual categories in this work, but approached from Oscar's background in the work of Milton H. Erickson. The company plans to release two titles per week and allow the focus to be determined ultimately by users.

In the near future, Oscars plans to cover Qi Gong, Energy and poetry and prose readings from Rumi to the Tao Te Ching, to fiction and non-fiction books.

The self-hypnosis voice tracks are overdubbed on a brain-synchronizing surround sound music track which alone brings deep relaxation and peace of mind. Gil Boyne, one of the great pioneers in transformative hypnosis says, "The realm of spirit can best be entered into by hypnotherapists who recognize their work as the redirecting of an invisible, indefinable spiritual energy to assist another to enter into a State of Grace." There is track called Grace which bears this out beautifully.

Oscars voice itself is rich and melodic, with a hint of a Northern Ireland accent and totally carries his energy and intentions. It draws you to make the ideas yours in your own way, which is the way it should be. "All suggestion is self-suggestion" - that is, what you say to yourself inside is the key to successful self-hypnosis” mentions Oscar.

He further adds that other voices and musical tracks will be added as the site develops in the near future

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