Colton Harris-Moore: Communities Ridiculing Fugitive With New Merchandise

The community blog ( that empowers citizens to tell the criminal truth about Colton Harris-Moore now offers a wide variety of merchandise.

Online PR News – 19-May-2010 – – Colton Harris-Moore community blog, Catch The Barefoot Bandit (, now offers new merchandise including stylish shirts, hoodies, totes, bumper stickers, mugs, pins and other gear, all for low prices and in a variety of customizable colors and styles.

The creators also provide useful tools, such as Wanted flyers, at wholesale prices -- that means NO mark-up. The community blog makes this possible as an additional service to communities.

Visitors choose from among many original designs, including those that are funny and derisive of Colton Harris-Moore's criminal activity and his marginal fanbase.

"Colton Harris-Moore fan sites offer nothing for 95% of people in these communities, for people who do not celebrate crimes against their neighbors, friends, and family," says founder David Peters. "Catch The Barefoot Bandit gives that 95% a louder voice. Communities have been using ridicule and humor to shut down criminals and their misguided 'supporters' for centuries."