I80 Equipment offering $10,000 Down Payment Assistance on Boom Trucks and More

I80 Equipment is offering substantial discounts and assistance programs to qualified buyers of their like new, reconditioned trucks. To learn more about their used
digger derricks and other heavy equipment for sale, go to http://www.i80equipment.com/index.shtml.

Online PR News – 19-May-2010 – – I80 Equipment has been a leader in their field for over 17 years. Their business is to provide their customers with top of the line reconditioned heavy equipment. They have customers in 50 states and are now expanding their services for new and existing customers. They do truck locating and reconditioning, even going so far as to assist their customers to fly in from all 50 states to their Illinois home base to check out their inventory and services.

Since the recession began, the construction trades have been hit especially hard. Credit has tightened to the point of choking the life out of small construction businesses. I80 Equipment appreciates their customers so much they would like to help them. I80 Equipment has always had financing available to their customers, but now they are offering super low rates to those in the construction trades and are still financing them on used heavy equipment.

Not only are they now financing the purchase of their reconditioned Digger Derrick Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Forestry Trucks, Grapple Trucks, Boom Trucks and Dump and Sewer Trucks and other specialty equipment, they are also giving qualified buyers up to $10,000 in down payment assistance.

That's a pretty hefty assistance program considering the low prices of their inventory. On their main page you can see their trucks of the week and other featured equipment. For example, they feature the rare Lift-All LTAF41-!E-2003 GMC C7500 Bucket Truck for $40,500 on their home page. When you qualify for their down payment assistance program, you receive a healthy discount off the original price of the truck. You can see the prices of the equipment they have in stock, as well as watch the videos of the equipment at http://www.i80equipment.com/index.shtml.

On top of this great, business saving assistance program, they also offer a special 2 year, 200,000 mile warranty. So, if one of their reconditioned trucks has problems, they solved it for their customers quickly and easily. It's obvious this company does good work when they guaranty their used, reconditioned equipment with a mileage warranty like that. I80 Equipment also delivers their trucks to all 50 states, including the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska free of charge to their customers.

I80 Equipment is a family owned and operated business which prides itself on their level of quality, customer service, assistance programs and location services. They are so confident in their work and finish product that they stand behind every sale they make.