EducationDynamics’ LeadWatchLive Product Offers Lead Management Success for CollegeAmerica Services

CollegeAmerica Services’ ability to recruit qualified students for their career-focused degree programs boosted by nearly 100%

Online PR News – 19-May-2010 – – Hoboken, New Jersey— Taking on the challenge of effective higher education lead management through its innovative LeadWatchLive system, EducationDynamics ( has within one year boosted CollegeAmerica Services’ ability to recruit qualified students for their career-focused degree programs by nearly 100%. EducationDynamics, higher education’s leading marketing services company dedicated to helping institutions find, enroll and retain students, used its LeadWatchLive web-based lead management system to substantially increase CollegeAmerica Services’ lead response time and success rate, while saving money previously spent on unproductive leads.
“CollegeAmerica Services faced interesting lead management challenges: limited internal resources; managing leads for several different degree programs, and geo-targeting for 12 campuses as well as two online divisions, each with their own specific validation requirements; a legacy system that needed to be able to integrate easily with an advanced lead generation software platform; and a desire to identify and ferret out high-performing lead vendors in real time,” says Malcolm McLeod, Product Manager for EducationDynamics. “LeadWatchLive, with its ability to create and manage flexible, opportunistic lead-generation campaigns for institutions with a variety of needs, enabled CollegeAmerica Services to meet each of these challenges and their enrollment goals.”

The LeadWatchLive Media Management Services team worked with CollegeAmerica Services, which incorporates 12 campuses across three schools, including Stevens-Henager College, CollegeAmerica, and California College San Diego, to implement a comprehensive lead management solution to:

• Narrowly target campaigns to specific geographic areas and degrees
• Quickly evaluate new vendor performance, allowing them to keep only those delivering qualified student prospects
• Manage multiple-program lead-generation campaigns in real-time, with a minimum of staff time
• Quickly adapt to ever-increasing lead goals by testing new vendors “on the fly” and rapidly determining viability

CollegeAmerica Services saw results quickly. Using the LeadWatchLive system, the LeadWatchLive Media Management Services team was able to create customized reports that tracked each segmented campaign and integrated the information with CollegeAmerica Services’ legacy system. The team also incorporated real-time vendor management to eliminate underperforming vendors and implement aggressive testing of new ones, thus exponentially increasing CollegeAmerica Services’ ability to recruit and enroll students without requiring increased staff time.

“For a year, we worked with both our existing, large lead management company and LeadWatchLive to determine which solution performed better for us. At the end of that time, it was clear that LeadWatchLive was the superior option. As we were making the shift from the previous lead vendor, we were naturally a bit concerned about the logistics involved in the transition. But, from the beginning, the LeadWatchLive Media Management Services team was in tune with our needs. They began by asking what we needed out of the system and then customized our solution,” said David Meiling, Vice President of Advertising for CollegeAmerica Services. “By automatically de-duping leads, validating that leads are qualified, immediately identifying unproductive vendors through the product’s instant filtering process, and integrating with our current system, we are optimizing every dollar we are committing to online student prospecting.”

LeadWatchLive may be licensed as a self-service package or outsourced to EducationDynamics’ LeadWatchLive Media Management Services, where a team of experts actively manage the inquiry management process. LeadWatchLive is just one in a long line of prospecting, enrollment and retention tools offered by EducationDynamics to help colleges and universities find, enroll and retain students. To request a demo or to learn more about LeadWatchLive, visit or contact Howard Mandel at or 201.377.3020.

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