SEO Company Master Google Makes Good on its SEO 100% Money Back Guarantee

Fulfilling the terms of its Money Back Guarantee, Master Google refunds payment for a client’s Web site that cannot be sufficiently optimized.

Online PR News – 18-May-2010 – – BOULDER, CO – For the first time expert Google Search Engine Optimization, SEO company Master Google has refunded the full amount of its fees to a client, making good on its 100% money back guarantee. The firm’s contract promises that within three months it will get a client’s Web site placed on the first page of Google for at least 50% of the site’s keywords. If it cannot meet those placements, the contract states that Master Google will refund 100% of the client’s money.

During a search, Google uses software called spiders that find relevant Web sites, read their code and content, and rank them for the user’s specific keywords. Master Google’s Web site optimization paves the way for Google spiders so they can easily read the client’s site and find the most important keywords. Master Google combines that with a sophisticated link-building campaign, taking their clients’ Web sites on their way to the top of Google

Unfortunately, in this case, when the company contracted with the client, Master Google was unaware that this particular site had already been flagged by Google for the use of unacceptable Web site building techniques – namely duplicate content. After three months, Master Google was unable to make sufficient progress in increasing the site’s placement on Google’s first page. So the firm refunded 100% of the client’s money. Since the client was a small start-up business, the owner needed to invest every penny carefully.

After receiving the refund, the client took the time to write an unsolicited testimonial about Master Google’s President, Ali Husayni: “I found Ali's site from an article on a Google finance site. I sent him a request and he was on the phone with me the same day. He talked about his services and his money back guarantee. He said we carry a gentlemen's agreement on the main part. He worked on my site for three months. I was one of the few that could not be brought up to the top in such a short time.”

“I was running out of resources to keep his services,” the client added. “When I mentioned this to Ali he understood and was kind enough to refund me the full amount I had paid him for his SEO work. He did this because he is the rare honest businessman. There are not too many honest guys like Ali left in the world. He only accepts people who he believes he can help. What have you got to lose? If he fails, you get your money back.”

“Many of our clients are struggling new or small businesses,” Husayni, an SEO expert said. “We really want to help them improve their Google ranking and increase their revenues and we were sorry we could not help this particular client. In the two years Master Google’s money back guarantee has been in place, this is the first client who couldn’t be helped and received a refund. We are the only SEO company that offers this kind of guarantee and it’s important that our clients know we stand by it.”

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