Leawo Mac DVD Ripper addresses enhancements and problems in new upgrade

Leawo Mac DVD Ripper V1.0.3.5 is released to improve DVD to video conversion experience with multiple functional optimizations.

Online PR News – 18-May-2010 – – Shenzhen, China - Leawo Software today announced an upgrade note to its DVD Ripper for Mac OS. Leawo Mac DVD Ripper, now available in version, sheds lights on multiple improvements and optimizations. The third number in version code indicates a major functional upgrade, and the fourth reflects major bug fixings and stableness. Users are recommended to upgrade to this version to achieve greater user experience.

What’s new in Leawo Mac DVD Ripper V1.0.3.5?
1. Improved user interface - some glitches which caused uncomfortable user experience like slow response to command and obscurity of some functions on the user interface have been fixed. Relevant code algorithm has been rebuilt to obtain better performance.
2. Improved video screenshot function - when playing some DVD movies with PAL mode in Leawo Mac DVD Ripper, the screenshot may likely result in crippled images with partial view missing. Additional coding has been applied to enhance this function.
3. Optimized auto update function - the optimized update function will require less payload to obtain update information from the server, thus the process for Leawo Mac DVD Ripper is quicker than before.
4. Optimized trimmed playback in video edit panel - there was a slight unmatch between the trimmed parameters and the trimmed playback. Although it would not affect the trimmed output with a less precise preview, the optimization can provide better observation for trim modification.
5. Optimized playback function on home interface - the preview playback on home interface has been realigned with any modification added to the video. It will make it easier for users to keep track of modifications made.
6. Crashing issue fix for accessing video edit panel - accessing video edit panel could occasionally force the Leawo Mac DVD Ripper to quit, due to some videos with unexpected tags. The fix is to ignore the tags to avoid program crashing. The edit function will be the same effective without those tags.
7. Added function to customize profile list - the profile list is now able to be customized at the will of the user. It can be organized to only a few profiles to facilitate the most urgent needs.

Price and availability:
Leawo Mac DVD Ripper V1.0.3.5 is now available on Leawo.com. Users can download a full functional copy for trial with watermark limitation. Purchase single license at $29.95 or volume license over 5 pcs with 5-10% discounts. For more information, please contact Leawo via contact@leawo.com.