Nottingham central heating firm says 'Look after your boiler...'

A recent survey by nottingham firm Midlands Gas Installations found that many people failed to look after their central heating with only 60% of people remembering to get an annual boiler service.

Online PR News – 18-May-2010 – – A recent survey by Midlands Gas Installations found that only 60% of people remembered to get an annual boiler service – far less than those who remembered to have their Gas Fire Serviced or Car serviced.

The running theme of the survey seemed to be “out of sight, out of mind” with many people viewing their boiler - which in the majority of cases was hidden away in a cupboard, in the garage or in an unused room - as a “white box on a wall” that should “just work”. Whereas those people with Gas Fires, which tended to be in living rooms or dining rooms had their Gas Fires serviced on a regular basis as they had a visual reminder everytime they walked in that room.

“The same was true of their cars” said Midlands Gas Installations, “they viewed their cars as an expensive piece of equipment sat on their driveways that they relied on daily to 'just work' – the car was needed to take them to work, to the shops or wherever their owners needed to go – and as such they knew it needed servicing on a regular basis. They were happy to spend £200+ to service their car but were reluctant to spend £70-£80 to service their boiler which they also rely on daily to provide them with heating and hot water. The key rationale in the majority of cases being they didn’t have a daily reminder of their need to look after their boiler”

“For customers who didn’t have an Insurance Policy in place to cover a boiler breakdown and who used a local plumber they saw costs of £300 to £600 to repair their boiler. In the majority of cases an annual gas boiler service could have prevented or identified these problems without needlessly leaving them without any heating or hot water. The majority of boiler breakdowns occur between October and February when the weather turns cold, and due to increased demand availability of replacement parts reduces – putting the customer in a lose-lose situation. It’s for this reason we encourage our customers to have their annual gas boiler service during the summer.”

Regular boiler servicing can keep your boiler in tip-top condition, which can also have a beneficial effect on your heating bills, although if your boiler is more than 10 or 15 years old it could be wasting £235 per year on your heating bills - boilers which are more than 10 or 15 years old can be only 60% efficient, compare this to new gas boiler installation where A-Rated boilers which are more than 90% efficient.

“We’re now only completing boiler installations for customers with upto ten years warranty as standard”. “The boiler warranties provided by the manufacturers we install offer customers huge savings against the cost of a yearly insurance policy against boiler breakdowns, but the key criteria for a valid warranty is an annual gas boiler service as the manufacturers know how important that is.”

Midlands Gas Installations offer Boiler Replacement and Central Heating Installations, Annual Gas Boiler Services and Boiler Repairs across Nottingham and the surrounding area, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Survey Results

80% of people surveyed with a Gas Fire had it serviced every year

More than 80% of people surveyed with a car had it serviced every year, as well as doing their own “service” by topping up the oil, washer fluid etc

Less than 60% of people surveyed with a boiler remembered to have it serviced every year

Less than 30% of people surveyed with a boiler had it on display, more than 70% had it in a cupboard, back bedroom or garage.

More than 90% of people surveyed were concerned about the affects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.