Mobile Media Marketing: Twitter Social Media Optimization Solutions Study

Study of Twitter Social Media marketing optimization strategies and solutions that created effective results when using Mobile Media marketing applications.

Online PR News – 17-May-2010 – – Results of a study of Twitter Social Media marketing optimization strategies that created effective results when using Mobile Media marketing for new business development. Mobile media marketing as defined by the use of wireless devices to promote a product or service to the intended target audience to achieve a desired result.

The target audience in this study included Twitter users and followers. The desired result was achieving measurable viral marketing success and an optimal return on investment. Viral marketing as defined by the sharing and re-sharing of content among Twitter users.

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The significance of this study is based on research showing that Mobile phones with Internet connections (Smart Phones) are a rapidly growing consumer technology industry. Some projections indicate that mobile devices with Internet connections will soon surpass hardwired personal and business computers in the number of total Internet accesses in North America and across the globe. Additionally, the short term rental of 'smart phones' for business trips and applications is also steadily increasing.

The study also recognized that the growth of Social Media networking sites Twitter and Facebook are contributing to an increased usage of Mobile Media marketing as a new business development strategy. To read a release that outlines the benefits of Twitter verse Facebook for business Social Media marketing purposes visit:

The full study took several months and results were based on the following:

- Feedback from Twitter users
- Monitoring important trends and external metrics
- Measuring the viral impact of the Mobile Media marketing content

Key findings for optimizing a Mobile Media marketing national or global campaign and its content for the benefit of Twitter users and followers included but were not limited to the following.

Mobile Media Tweet headlines. It was determined that the headline is extremely important for Social Media sharing purposes. Headlines that were written to appeal to the target audience and contained 100 characters or less had the most viral impact. Headlines larger than 100 characters were often truncated when re-Tweeted due to the Twitter account users hash tag, tiny URL and the RT prefix. The study concluded that truncated Tweets are less likely to be retransmitted or read.

Mobile Media marketing content. Content that took advantage of popular trends or time sensitive material received the most views and viral marketing success providing it was creative and well written. Content that contained an advanced flash graphic advertisement or required an extra link to retrieve was found to result in less actual reads and an unfavorable impression. The study concluded that it's best to keep content easily accessible to all audiences and technologies.

Measuring Mobile Media marketing results. The study used a variety of third party Twitter applications and other means to track and measure viral marketing results. By combining several applications it was possible to get a more definitive picture of viral marketing results. While viral marketing results were not a clear indication of return on investment the study concluded that viral marketing was a contributing factor for a favorable ROI where national and global markets were involved. For regional results viral marketing had less of an impact than the timeliness and creativity of the Mobile Media strategy.

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