Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills: Dr. Says A Simple Procedure Restores Beauty

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen says the secret to beautiful eyes may be a one-hour, minimally invasive procedure that can give any woman full, youthful contours between the upper eyelids & brows. “This is a trait of youth & beauty shared by many beautiful actresses and models.”

Online PR News – 20-March-2013 – Beverly Hills, CA – Beverly Hills, CA - "Doctors have been doing eyelid surgery the wrong way for the last 40 years," says plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. "The most youth restorative procedure in my opinion is to fill in deep upper eyelids. This technique of carefully placing fat to restore or create attractive contours is not generally practiced, but it should be,” he says. “Just consider the most beautiful actresses and models who grace the covers of top magazines. Virtually every one of these women, regardless of age or ethnicity have fullness in the areas between the upper eyelids and the brows. See photos of Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Megan Fox and Natalie Portman to name just a few contemporary actresses. Or consider classic film goddesses like Marylin Monroe and Kim Novak. All have this facial trait. This is considered a characteristic of beauty and youth that makes a woman look more attractive and alluring, and it's a trait which has been incredibly consistent among beautiful actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood to today," says Dr. Ellenbogen. 

"For 40 years we have performing eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) by removing skin and removing the orbital fat. Now we realize that many attractive celebrities and younger women in general have a fullness above the eyelids. Between the lashes and brow this fullness and not a deep contour is a standard of beauty," says Dr. Ellenbogen. "As women age the eyes become deeper with loss of orbital fat. Less volume in this area can make a woman appear older and tired." 

With a simple technique using fat transfer, with the fat harvested and prepared in a centrifuge, then strategically placed, Dr. Ellenbogen can restore or create full upper eyelids and create a more beautiful look for women of all ages. The procedure takes under an hour and results may be seen almost immediately. 

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About Dr. Ellenbogen:
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is a highly experienced plastic surgeon with a career spanning more than 30 years, during which time he has acquired a large number of celebrity clientele.

He is the Director of a prestigious post-graduate training program and a visiting professor in South Africa, where he helps other surgeons advance their skills. Dr. Ellenbogen is a Fellow of the American and International College of Surgeons and has been featured as "One of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America," by Town and Country magazine.

He is considered an innovator in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty techniques, facial fat grafting, underarm/axillary breast augmentation and volumetric facelift procedures. In fact, Dr. Ellenbogen is regarded as one of the top rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and facelift facial surgeons in the world by his peers. He has won numerous awards for his leading-edge techniques, which have been adopted by plastic surgeons worldwide.