BeAnywhere Launches the Support Express 5.0

BeAnywhere, company leader in remote access and remote support technologies, has launched its most recent version of Support Express.

Online PR News – 21-March-2013 – Portugal – This is a very special moment! Today we announce the launch of a completely new BeAnywhere version, with increased speed, a ton of new features and a new look.

This version has been in the forge for the last five months and received the contribution of thousands of loyal customers worldwide to whom who we thank now! “The main feature we would like to highlight is the inclusion of a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) module, which allows the user to create alerts based on conditions in the remote computers and easily deploy scripts to multiple machines, among many other options. And, as usual, our customers get all of this for free”, said Ruben Dias, CEO of BeAnywhere.

What's new:


• NEW! BeAnywhere inSight Lite Edition Available on Business and Corporate plans, BeAnywhere inSight Lite is a Remote Monitoring add-on for Support Express which helps preventing problems and downtimes in your clients’ critical servers and workstations. To know more about inSight Lite click here. It includes, among other features:

o System Monitoring - Create advanced system alerts (CPU and memory usage, disk space, process or service activity, Windows events...) with several thresholds and automatic actions associated.

o Scripts Execution - Easily deploy scripts on multiple machines from a centralized interface, with advanced options like scheduling, timeouts and context. Perform silent deployments or require interaction with the local user.

o Patch Management - Find outdated software or missing system patches on each computer and immediately fix those problems.

o Auditing and Inventory – Create detailed reports about your infrastructure and maintenance operations, by listing all the relevant activity (alerts triggered, scripts executed, outdated software, sessions).


• NEW! Complete overhaul of the interface The user experience has been completely revised, with new colors, better organized menus and less clutter. Due to having a smaller number of graphical elements, the console is also a little less demanding in CPU and RAM, which translates on a small but noticeable performance improvement on older computers.

• NEW! Applet for Mac You can now provide support to Mac computers (version 10.7.5 “Lion” or later, 10.8 “Snow Leopard” recommended). Remotely control your client’s Mac and chat with him from your BeAnywhere interface. Pause or transfer the session to other technician, and send your client a survey at the end. Compatible with Retina Display.

• NEW! Quick Dashboard Over the chat window there is a new graphical panel with information about the most relevant system information. This area will only be shown when using new applets or agents.

• NEW! Emergency Reboot Restart the computer immediately, killing all the running processes but without damaging your operating system or any system file in your hard drives. This feature is meant to be used in extreme situations and does not replace the normal boot options.

• NEW! Restart Agents from the console It is now possible to restart the BASE Agent Service from the console.

• UPDATED! Minor tweaks and changes The Request Admin Privileges window is now much more intuitive, it is now possible to view the remote screen up to 200% of its original size and a new, low bandwidth, grayscale mode was added for slow connections; the top and bottom bars appear more quickly in fullscreen mode; the viewer now places at the end of the text in the title bar a small string to help the technician to know in which context he is: “*” for connections to the Agent, “- ” when the connection is made to an Applet in user mode, and “+” when the connection is to an Applet with elevated privileges.

Admin Area:

• UPDATED! New design and global overhaul The Admin Area was also adapted to the new design, with small usability tweaks and added options.
• NEW! E-Mail Notifications Choose which events will trigger e-mail notifications for your Helpdesk Center (new session, missed session, survey answered, new deferred support ticket…) and customize recipients for each message.
• UPDATED! Sessions from the Admin Area You can now establish connections to BASE Agents directly from the Admin Area, using a basic Java viewer.
• UPDATED! Ticket forwarding You can select a specific department or technician to receive the support tickets from your clients. This can be useful in a number of situations, i.e. when there is someone who does the initial screening and forwarding of the requests.

Please note:

We will be automatically notifying/updating older BASE Agents in a couple of days. If you like to update your Agents now (computers listed on “My Computers” tab) and enjoy the new features, you’ll have to update the service manually.