General Motors Detroit Residents Either Love ‘em or Hate ‘em But GM Leads Auto Sales Again

General Motors Detroit headquarters releases April auto sales data, and despite what many have assumed, GM is continuing to lead in automaker sales.

Online PR News – 17-May-2010 – – DETROIT, MI – General Motors Detroit headquarters announced GM continues to outsell all U.S. automakers as noted in April’s auto sales figures despite negativity surrounding General Motors Corp.’s loan repayment announcement.
The breakdown of GM’s April numbers, reported by, is as follows:
• Total vehicle sales (excluding luxury brands) 183,614 for April 2010, a 7.2 percent increase over April 2009.
• Year-to-date sales as of April put GM in the top spot with 658,867, a 14 percent increase over April 2009.
• And GM held 18.7 percent of the market share in April 2010.
GM successfully held its top spot, even in the face of aggressive incentive programs launched by beleaguered Toyota.
An article released on MarketWatch seemed to hint investor reluctance might be fading, and that investors might be willing to overlook the bankruptcy in favor of more positive news on the horizon.
The article stated, “But it seems that many on Wall Street are willing to sniff past that GM – the one that spiraled into bankruptcy – and to take a hard look at the IPO to be launched by the one that was pulled from the scrap heap by hesitant taxpayers.”
Not only has General Motors Detroit headquarters announced new vehicles like the Chevy Cruze – purported to get almost 40 mpg – on the way, the company is also investing large sums of money into building cleaner, more fuel-efficient small block truck and car engines, possibly creating more jobs, and is aiming to offer initial post-bailout stock this year or next.
For now, it’s still a wait-and-see game with investor uncertainty slowly ebbing as the car industry begins to dig out of its grave. As to whether the fallout from GM’s loan repayment has been fully experienced will most likely be realized in May’s auto sales data.
But positive gains in month-to-month sales figures could lead the General Motors Detroit based company closer to success as it continues to push forward in its restructuring, cost cutting measures, and new vehicle releases.
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