Bormioli Rocco, friend of the environment, at Cosmoproof 2010

Multiple novelties in waiting at stand B29 Hall 19, starting with the bottles from the Ecological line, made with eco-friendly materials, and the packs in PLA and PET-R produced for important French and Italian cosmetics companies.

Online PR News – 17-May-2010 – – Bormioli Rocco comes to Cosmoproof on the crest of a green wave, namely the movement towards more environmentally friendly plastic cosmetics packaging. At the upcoming international fair devoted to the beauty sector in Bologna from 15 to 18 April, the Plastics Division will be wooing sector companies with packs made from recycled, biodegradable and renewable materials – in other words, materials with the best ecological credentials – alongside a whole range of other new products.

The Ecological line consists entirely of cosmetics bottles made with low environmental impact materials, such as recycled HDPE, 100% recycled PET with its outstanding transparency and shine, or PLA and PE Green, both derived from renewable sources. And, in order to deliver a 100% sustainable product, the company has also chosen accessory manufacturers that use recycled paper, or recycled PET and PLA in making labels, sleevers and various other aspects of packaging.

The stand will also feature examples of cosmetics bottles already chosen by various companies to coherently accompany their natural and organic products. Many Italian companies, for instance, have selected packs made with PLA, a plastic derived from maize. These products are 100% vegetal in origin: after use they can be disposed as compostable waste, just like orange peel, because they are biodegradable and release no environmentally damaging substances. L’Occitane uses a pack with 100% recycled PET for the essential oil shampoo in its Aromachologie line. An example of reducing environmental impact without reducing aesthetic or design impact.

In parallel with its research into eco-friendly materials and packaging options, the Plastics Division has also enriched its catalogue with four new standard lines in PE, also available in recycled PE: Capriccio, Otello, Rigoletto and Turandot, the latter presented complete with overcap. Here the elegance of pure essential lines transcends the age-old difficulty of being eye-catching while remaining tastefully stylish. On top of this, all four lines can intensify pack appeal with glamorous customisation in colour and decoration.

Professionalism, experience and technical know-how have paved the way for the Plastics Division’s move into hotel cosmetics, with five new lines making their debut at Cosmoproof: Panarea, Capri, Cortina, Taormina and Portofino. Here the care taken over form and the sheer quality of the materials used – including PET and HDPE – contribute to packaging options ideal for enhancing guests’ precious moments of relaxation. The design of individual bottles plays subtly with variations in shape and size, creating miniature masterpieces that cry out to be taken home.

There are also new developments for single-dose systems, which significantly broaden their traditional range of application in the Food & Beverage sector to include the field of hair products.

And finally, also in Hall 19 – Stand B29, the Bormioli Rocco Plastics Division will be illustrating the multiple finishing techniques it can offer: products with iridescent, metallic or perfumed effects, and also tactile treatments like soft touch or Braille. Thanks to its vast array of colours, and to decorative techniques that range from heat-treatment to serigraphy to metallic effects, the company can collaborate with clients in developing packs boasting all kinds of special colours and decorations

In the build-up to Cosmoproof, we invite you to visit our website, where you can find further information on these and other products, including plastic closure systems and plastic packaging for cosmetics.

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