Lawyers On The Run Ensures Access To Legal Needs, Demonstrates Need To Commit To Hispanic Market

Lawyers On The Run will be adding a Spanish website and smartphone app to its growing mobile gateway

Online PR News – 20-March-2013 – Orlando Florida – "At last our country is starting to realize that the HISPANIC market is an essential segment of the U.S. economy. The country's future economic growth will significantly depend on the Hispanics by virtue of the demographic change and the social and cultural shifts. Because Latinos are a fundamental component of this prosperous country, access to competent and reliable legal representation is a must. LOTR is committed to supplying this need by providing efficient and cost effective access to confident and reliable legal representation nation-wide," said Ken Oram VP marketing for LOTR.

Lawyers On The Run

In all forecast of future consumption growth, the Hispanic share is significantly greater than any of the non-Hispanic factions. Hence, the future economic growth of our nation depends highly on the immediate employment of effective strategies that are crucial in solidifying a foundation that would be needed to help drive the growth that is an essential part of the nation.

"Lawyers On The Run" is an inter-state based company that offers a unique method of providing the small firms access to small businesses throughout the nation. With combined use of state-of-the-art technology, “Lawyers On The Run,” affords the consumer immediate access to competent and reliable legal representation. In turn, the member-firms are provided cost effective and efficient access to this abundant and crucial market.

Mindful of the mobility of the modern business person, “Lawyers On The Run” has developed and promotes unique App. features readily accessible with any smart phone that ensures immediate access to a legal professional. Because the members-firms are limited in each geographic area, the participant firm has the benefit of a semi-exclusive access to the clientele in need of its services.

"Lawyers On The Run" is the first network of elite mobile lawyers in the world. The revolutionary website and mobile application, the network connect consumers with legal questions directly and instantly with exclusively selected lawyers. The site and smartphone app allows the consumer to get immediate responses to legal questions on an expedited basis. For more information, please refer to

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