Sweeps Logic’s Sweeping Success in Internet Sweepstakes Cafes

“Sweeps Logic’s unique partnership with their internet sweepstakes vendors is paying off!”

Online PR News – 15-March-2013 – chicago – Sweeps Logic, one of the major players in the internet sweepstakes industry, is riding high with their success as one of the foremost internet sweepstakes cafĂ© software providers. Their team of game developers have painstakingly developed over 40 eye-catching 3D casino style games with amazing interactive bonus round features coupled with graphics that are second to none and they are now the talk of the industry. Based on their years of experience and market research, Sweeps Logic successfully developed a unique internet sweepstakes game platform, which has attracted a huge demand for their services.

Sweeps Logic’s conviction in moving forward and growing together with their internet sweepstakes outlet vendors has become the secret recipe for their success. So far, they have assisted over one thousand internet sweepstakes start-ups throughout the country by providing them with a framework that has been created and refined to ensure high growth and maximized profits, suited according to the customized needs of each respective organization. They have facilitated small scale cafes with a couple of internet sweepstakes machines to the large scale cafes with 150 internet sweepstakes terminals that took an entire town by storm.

Their services and support are available to anyone who is looking for a new and exciting venture in the internet sweepstakes business. Through experience in the internet sweepstakes industry, they are able to develop a number of extremely practical and productive marketing techniques that will be able to forge human interaction, which is the pre-requisite of a successful internet sweepstakes cafe. New operators can expect to enjoy these amazing benefits from Sweeps Logic:

• Start-up cost remains low as profiting from the sales of internet sweepstakes machines is not their focus of business. The lower cost is the result of the great relationships they have established with their hardware vendors.
• Professional turnkey solution, as the entire set up from beginning to the end will be taken care of by their professional team of employees who are both qualified and skilled.
• Top quality 3D internet sweepstakes entertainment setups that are fully compliant with
both the federal and state level law-governing authorities.
• Their expert marketing know-how will ensure the smooth operation in café management.
• Installation of internet sweepstakes software that is designed with the interest of
customers in mind.
• Highly dependable tech support that is available 24/7 the whole year round.

At Sweeps Logic, they believe in transparency; the need to be crystal clear about the approaches adopted to create an internet sweepstakes business.The cost of opening such businesses is mainly dependent on the scale and location of the business.Sweeps Logic follows a certain working method developed after years of experience to assist any potential operator in setting up and running a profitable internet sweepstakes business. Using logical analysis of every aspect, they will evaluate the location, determine if the space is appropriate for a new café, analyze the market area and calculate the customer base. They help to lease out any location that has an untapped audience to reduce the stiff competition from start-up. An extensive marketing campaign will be put in place to draw the entire customer base from the market area. As a sweepstakes software provider, suggestion on the most suitable software that will suit the targeted audience in the market area will be laid out.

Sweepstakes and internet café games make an effective combination for a successful internet sweepstakes business.Sweeps Logic believes in maintaining the interest of the patrons with the right selection of software. With their top of the line 3D graphics in the industry, their internet sweepstakes entertainment has driven many of their operators’ profitability way ahead of the competition. The proof of their success can be seen from the number of happy operators who have converted to Sweeps Logic.

Sweeps Logic strongly believes that the internet sweepstakes business is an extensive field that will bring a fortune to those who resort to it with them. That’s why they have made it their mission to guide and turn new internet sweepstakes businesses into huge cash cows. They know that the competition is continually growing and in order to keep these internet cafes profitable, Sweeps Logic continually works on modernizing and incorporating more cutting edge technologies into their internet sweepstakes software.

About Sweeps Logic
Sweeps Logic is a leader in the internet sweepstakes industry. They provide services in every aspect of opening and successfully operating an internet sweepstakes business in the US and Canada.