Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Google Caffeine Unofficially Official

SEO firm dedicates website page to provide free tips and techniques for improving page rankings and optimizing websites for the Google Caffeine full launch update.

Online PR News – 16-May-2010 – – SEO Internet marketing firm dedicates page on its website to Search Engine Optimization techniques and tips for improving on and offsite Caffeine results. Including organically increasing page ranking and website visitor conversions. These tips and practices are based on the latest in-depth research on the unofficial but very apparent full launch of Google Caffeine and its ongoing updates.

Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing has been closely monitoring Caffeine’s progression since last fall including tracking SERP results for a set of specific keyword search phrases. To assist online businesses in gaining a competitive advantage Irbtrax has dedicated a page on its website exclusively to Google Caffeine tips, techniques and related news updates. Including Google Caffeine's impact on specific applications like Social Media networking.

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Caffeine is Google's newest comprehensive search algorithm and infrastructure change. According to Irbtrax and many other sources Caffeine sightings have been firmly in place for several weeks now as evidenced by the following outside and inside the hood changes.

- New Google screen format with more options and an emphasis on real time search.
- Changes to SERP's including increased relevancy and a decreased number of indexes.
- Search Engine Results Pages that include live Twitter feeds and a greater emphasis on real time choices.

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Irbtrax founder Scott Moir notes that "While it's apparent Caffeine has arrived it's also apparent that Google is still tweaking the screen. We've witnessed options appear and reappear, changes to the fonts being used and even different background colors for AdWord advertisements. This is SOP because Google is a tireless refiner."

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