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(Laguna Beach, California – 10/23/2008) Miramar Addiction Treatment Center to create an Integrative Addiction Treatment program

Miramar Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, the leader in addiction and dual diagnosis treatment, announces a new ‘Integrative’ treatment program, which will further Miramar’s position as the leader in progressive, proven treatment in the addiction and dual diagnosis field. Miramar has long recognized the crucial aspect of treating not just the symptoms, but the underlying causes of addiction and other mental health and psychiatric issues, ranging from medical to emotional to spiritual and beyond.

The medical and nutritional component of the new Integrative Addiction Program will be headed by Dr. Svetlana Stivi, MD, who has practiced medicine for several years in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Stivi is a leader in the field of integrative treatment and has an impressive following of patients whose lives have been dramatically improved through her treatments and philosophy.

‘We are honored to have Dr. Stivi work with our patients in this program, which will provide them the medical-nutritional stability to heal in the other areas of their overall well-being,’ stated a Miramar spokesperson.
Integrative Treatment program details are forthcoming, but the essence of the program involves treating the 'whole' person on every level, including the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. The program will address and hopefully resolve the multiple underlying issues that commonly cause addictive behavior. Through this comprehensive, integrative approach, the unresolved issues, deficiencies, imbalances, and/or other pathologies can be attenuated and mitigated, thus healing addictive behavior.
The program will comprise an initial assessment and evaluation phase, followed by the implementation phase, in which each client’s treatment will be completely customized and individualized. This plan would constitute the framework for the client’s treatment for the duration of his/her time at Miramar.
Dr. Cheryl Alvarez, Program and Clinical Director, will be directing the new program. ‘Dr. Alvarez is exceptionally capable in addiction treatment and dual diagnosis issues and will deftly manage this exciting, new service for the Miramar clients,’ said a spokesperson.

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