Manchester’s Till roll paper is going greener

Going green is important to everyone nowadays, as we are all aware of the shortage of oil and the cost of landfills on our planet, so before you consider printing out leaflets make sure you try the latest advertising method that SterlingPal has to offer. By advertising on someone else’s till rolls

Online PR News – 24-July-2009 – – The magical word recycling has been buzzing even harder in every ear in Manchester, it is becoming the new religion within businesses, the small town of Bolton is welcoming a new player in the green field of recycling, and the players name is SterlingPal Ltd.

A small group of enthusiastic individuals specializing in advertising and distribution decided to put a new advertising method on the table making use of very old spaces “cash register paper, till roll paper and PDQ machine paper.

With the help of SterlingPal, our receipts in the UK will not only be a proof of purchase but also an opportunity to win some great prices another great reason to make sure we keep our receipts safe

Motivated by the economic climate, and the global warming on the same level, there has never been a better time to do even more recycling, and make better use of our existing resources.

Businesses, all over the UK spend millions of pounds every year on printing leaflets and even more is spent on the distribution of those leaflets. That method from now on is old news. SterlingPal’s new method will get your message across to those who love to shop, hitting the right customers, with efficiency, ease and above all a more affordable way of advertising.

A printed thermal cash receipt is not new to the world, but the distribution of this service is the new clever initiative of SterlingPal. They are offering printed advertisement messages on small paper till rolls, to be distributed on a geographical areas of the advertisers choice your advertising on someone else’s paper till rolls.

The paper till rolls are distributed free of charge to local small and medium sized businesses all over the united kingdom, creating a massive saving for each partner on the running costs with mutual benefits between the advertiser and the retail business. You will also be able to choose which area you want to advertise in, using SterlingPal’s till paper rolls new advertising idea.

The till paper rolls that they print is made of high quality paper and printed in one of 4 colours, this technology is mostly printed in two sizes 57x30 and 80x80 so its compatible with most PDQ machines, Epson cash registers sharp machines and so on. The choice of these two sizes is to ensure the ease of distribution of your printed messages to most retail businesses.

The future is looking bright for SterlingPal as their creative ideas for free thermal printed paper will not stop there, there is always plenty of space for creative solutions for advertising as more big players will start to join and benefit from their supplies and promotional paper till paper advertisements.

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