DebtCC shifts to Drupal architecture for better visitor experience

The Debt Consolidation Care Community (DebtCC) has shifted to Drupal architecture on 1st December, 2012 to improve the website’s performance. The new architecture helps to enhance the security of the website.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Carson/Nevada – Debt Consolidation Care community has migrated to Drupal architecture to make the website more accessible and secured. The new architecture has been adopted in order to make the website more secured than ever. The Drupal architecture makes it very difficult to hack the website. Moreover, the security of the website can be increased from time to time by simply upgrading the Drupal software.

Drupal architecture has brought the entire website under a centralized management system. This will help the visitors to access the website more quickly. It will take less time to load the webpages. Visitors won’t have to spend several minutes for navigating from one webpage to another.

Drupal is a very strong architecture. It makes the website technically stronger. The database structure becomes better. This in turn makes it easier for the programmers to manage the website efficiently. New features can be easily integrated and the website can be developed without any trouble.

With the Drupal architecture being incorporated in DebtCC, the content management system becomes easier. One can easily upload and edit articles. This is the best feature of Drupal architecture.

Another interesting feature of the Drupal architecture is that visitors will be able to make forum posts quickly and easily. This is because forum editor is very strong and good. Visitors can post their queries or answers in forums within a few seconds. In addition to that, visitors can preview their forum posts. They can check their forum posts and do the needful corrections through the ‘preview’ option easily.

Mathematics captcha has been introduced in the DebtCC forums. This will help to reduce spams in the forums. Previously, image captcha was integrated in the forums. This has been replaced with mathematics captcha to make the verification process easier but more effective.

Visitors have to enter the correct mathematics captcha in order to make forum posts. Visitors have to match the captcha again if they want to preview their posts. This acts as a double security for the forums.

Drupal architecture has improved various sections of the forums. It has improved the “Post since last visit” section. Forum members can view the posts made in a specific time period on a particular date.

The ‘Private Message” option is working better after the implementation of the new architecture. Forum members can view the messages and give reply to them in the same thread. Previously, members couldn’t view and give reply to the message in the same thread.

So far, the community has received good response on the new architecture. The DebtCC super-moderator Jason Homes is extremely excited about Drupal. He says, “I’m very happy that the architecture of the forums has been shifted from V Bulletin to Drupal. The new improved spam filter helps us to make forums spam free. Moreover, it has become much easier for us to moderate the forums. It is very easy to create urls and detect spams. The admin panel is also easily accessible now”.

DebtCC has migrated into the Drupal architecture very recently. The community members have suggested certain improvements and technical department is working on that. The community is working to improve the “Wiki” and “Blog” sections too. The goal is to make DebtCC bigger, better and useful. Hopefully, with the introduction of new features and implementation of the changes, visitors will be able to make the most of the community.

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