OMICS Publishing Group Idealist

OMICS publishing Group maintains an Open Access database having a list of authors and their publications along with the archive of the journals that can be accessed by users through OMICS Publishing Group’s official Website.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – California, LosAngeles – The OMICS Publishing Group Page highlights the developments in the OMICS Group. The progress made by the OMICS Group in publishing scientific research articles and gathering delegates with high credentials for the scientific events at various venues across the globe.The organization aims at promotion of scientific research and the gathering of scientists in the relevant disciplines for sharing of knowledge in specialized disciplines.

OMICS Publishing Group journals, the journal of Proteomics was one of the earliest, having been started in 2007. Since then, there has been a gradual increase in the number of OMICS Publishing Group journals to help scientific learners from various underlying disciplines. The OMICS Group currently manages over 200 journals that follow Open Access standards and can provide for ready retrieval and reference from any location.

OMICS Publishing Group journals can be accessed in pdf, html and xml formats, with an option to translate those into various languages. The content of the publications can be copied and distributed without changes and relevant citation, as it is regulated by the Creative Commons Attribution License. The Commons attribution license is the benchmark for all legal and copyright aspects of the OMICS Publishing Group journal.

The OMICS Publishing Group Idealist pursues an Open Access policy to spread awareness on the latest developments in various scientific areas of study and the research activities taking place therein. OMICS Publishing Group journals feature specialized scientific research articles under Open Access policy on various discoveries in the scientific domain. The OMICS Publishing Group journals are listed alphabetically for easy reference and retrieval. The articles are peer-reviewed by editorial board members for adhering to the standards of Open Access publications.