MyParkingPermit Introduces New Range of Expiration Parking Permits
03/12/2013, the largest storehouse of USA’s best parking passes and hang tags, introduces new range of expiration parking permits.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Brooklyn – Expiration parking permits help parking officers validate the date after which a parking permit gets expired. These permits ensure that parking is well organized by allowing only vehicles with authorized passes to park in a parking lot.
With an invalid or unchecked parking permit, people can abuse parking facilities and botch a parking program. Bold parking permits with expiration date is valid for a certain period only after which it has to be renewed. Expiration parking permits assist security staff to quickly spot violators and keep them from entering parking lots. Validity parking permits can be used a first line of defense to combat practice of using expired permits.

Five new parking permits offered by MyParkingPermit are:

1. Standard Expiration Parking Permits – These standard sized (5” x 3”) plastic parking permits can be customized by adding company’s name, logo, header, and color schemes. Customers can select a starting number and add prefix or suffix to get a sequentially printed code on their parking permits. Graphics are deeply embedded in the heavy duty, 35 mils thick plastic permits for enhanced durability.

2. Miniature Expiration Date Parking Permits – These are small (3” x 2.75”) expiration date parking permits which do not obstruct driver’s view from the car. These hang tags still maintain the mirror "cut-out", designed to fit over a broad range of rear view mirrors.

3. Horizontal Expiration Date Parking Permits – also offers 2” x 4.75” horizontal expiration date parking permit which can be customized easily. These tags come with a loop that has an opening so that the tag hangs from a stalk, rear view mirror, etc. Small but wide permits do not obstruct driver’s viewfield.

4. Jumbo Expiration Date Permits – 7” x 3.5” jumbo sized parking permits grab attention in large parking lots because of their large size. Big bold numbers and text can be spotted from across the lot and parking validation can be carried about speedily.

5. Expiration Date Parking Permit Decals – These decals come with a table of dates, months, and years. Parking managers can use a hole punch or a marker to mark the expiry date/month/year on the permit. Such permits cease any chances of misusing parking facilities after assigned date. WindowCling™ Repositionable Decals can be attached to the windshield from insdie the car. Reposition the decal for up to 30 days after which the adhesive will begin to fuse permanently.

About MyParkingPermit

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