The Landmark Team Management & Leadership Program Creates Effective Leaders Across The Globe
03/12/2013 features information on one of the most popular leadership program offered from the Landmark Forum. Team Management & Leadership Program is a two-year program.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Landmark Education, Landmark Forum – Atlanta, Georgia – Landmark Education offers wide range of personal development programs and leadership programs. One of the most popular programs from Landmark Forum is Team Management & Leadership Program or TMLP. The program has been developed to help people enhance one’s leadership skills and to help leaders with team management skills. Team Management & Leadership Program spans around two years. Participants that join the two-year leadership program are required to create projects that are popularly termed as, “Games in the World.” Each participant is supposed to conceive a project and to complete the project with the help of the support teams.
Participants enjoy numerous benefits from Team Management & Leadership Program. One of the key skills acquired by the graduates here is the art of delegation. The program helps one become an effective leader by becoming an effective listener. The program not only helps the participants’ skills to build teams but also helps the participants to learn how to interact with the other teams effectively and how to work with other teams towards achieving a common goal.
One of the key qualities of a leader is to empower others and to help the other members in the team achieve optimum performance through proper training and motivation. Participants also learn how to appreciate the efforts of the other members and how to help the other members work with one another amicably.
Landmark Forum offers highly inspiring programs for leaders and for those who aspire to be effective leaders. There are many leadership training programs online and offline but not all programs are equally effective. One of the reasons why the Team Management & Leadership Program is highly effective is because the program takes a highly practical approach.
Landmark Education offers training programs and personal development courses all over the world. Since 1991, Landmark Education has trained more than 1.2 million people. Landmark Forum enables people achieve one’s maximum potential by teaching the participants identify the possibilities within one’s life.
The Team Management & Leadership Program is conducted in five weekends, which is spread over three months. By the end of the program, participants will learn how to build excellent and productive teams, how to work within teams and to enable the team to work with the other teams. The cost of Team Management & Leadership Program varies based on the location where one enrolls. Before the participants can take up the Team Management & Leadership Program one should have completed The Landmark Forum, Communication: Access to Power and the Advanced Communication Course: The Power to Create.