Capital Group One Inc. Reports Increased Interest In Emerging Markets

Capital Group One Inc. released statistics today indicating a 21% increase in client investments in global emerging markets over the last two years, the highest increase in the company's history.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – London – Industry wide data shows the emerging markets sector attracting nearly $48 billion in new capital in 2012. There is a consensus among industry leaders that emerging countries are showing more resilience than established economies in the Americas and the European region.
While emerging economies have displayed great potential in the last decade, their advantage became more clear during the global financial crisis. Thanks to cautious government and monetary policies, they have assisted in steadying the global economy.
Emerging markets offer an attractive destination for investment capital and already account for nearly half of worldwide foreign direct investment.  Top  emerging market corporations not only compete with companies from the developed world but can also invest in them through joint ventures, mergers and out-and-out acquisitions. This will open up opportunities for companies in developing regions to promote their capabilities and knowledge to the emerging world.
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