Revolutionary online finance management tool launches internationally.

With new DocketBank™, families and businesses can now take full control of their finances and warranties and eliminate the clutter of faded paper receipts - simply and securely….while being tax compliant.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – 12 March 2013 Sydney Australia – The recent world-wide launch of DocketBank™ saw the arrival of a unique, straight-forward, 24/7 finance management tool, one that allows people to easily track their spending habits and safely store receipts and warranties … while quickly and simply working towards achieving their budgeting goals.

DocketBank works by simply capturing vital receipts and warranties information using a scanner or free phone app, then attaching that information to any of the Accounts or Folders created. Then, this information from past transactions can be retrieved quickly. No more lost, faded or cluttered receipts and users can then monitor their spending habits through the unique “Traffic Light System” - to know when they can “GO” and spend, need to “SLOW DOWN” on spending or need to “STOP” when they have exceeded their desired budget.

“We believe we have the sort of features in DocketBank that would be most attractive to families and small-to-medium businesses,” commented Mike Wilkinson, DocketBank Co-founder. “We have extensively researched their needs and, in the process, have come up with some exciting discoveries that give DocketBank a clear lead in its market. DocketBank offers so much more than a digital wallet”.

Co-founder Mat Phillips added, “We are delighted with our website and app development. The feedback from our research also revealed that it is important for users to be able to check accounts, budgets and scan receipts on the go. The app and website sync seamlessly so our users always know where they stand financially,” he said.

Another strong feature of DocketBank is the choice of a FREE version or users can upgrade to the Pro version for just $2.99 per month for additional features such as a greater number of accounts, recurring payments, more shared users and advertising-free apps. “It was important to us that we kept the price realistic in these difficult economic times,” said Mike Wilkinson. “Similar products are charging ten times this amount for only a few of the features offered by DocketBank.”

A mother in one of the families researched by DocketBank, Sophie Mattick of Bowral NSW, commented: “when I received the overview of DocketBank I thought ‘about time’! My husband is on the road a lot for his work and with three small children it is sometimes hard to keep a grip on our finances,” said Mrs Mattick. “Since using DocketBank we both now know where we stand, plus we are using it to educate our children on the importance of budgeting for the future”.

Another of DocketBank’s research interviewees, Carolyn Burton from Penrith NSW, owns and runs a busy plumbing company. “With my husband and a team of plumbers out on the road all day DocketBank has been a savior. It has cut the time I have to spend on our accounts by half, there is no more chasing employees for their dockets or purchase slips and I simply download it to a spreadsheet and send it to our accountant,” said Mrs Burton. “Knowing it is tax compliant and my information is stored securely gives me peace of mind”.

DocketBank is available online or by installing the iPhone or Android app.