Online Auto Insurance Advises Against Sacrificing Coverage for Lower Rates

Getting insured properly can be equally important as finding the cheapest car insurance.

Online PR News – 14-May-2010 – – Obtaining the lowest rate for automobile policies is generally the goal of most consumers, but the cheapest policies may not provide the protection needed; advises motorists to avoid eliminating necessary protection to reduce premiums. Although car insurance can be expensive, it can be far more costly if a driver finds themselves with an uncovered loss.

One of the most common auto insurance coverage recommendations by both industry professionals and government consumer guides is to consider purchasing higher limits than a particular state’s requirements. Several states mandate very low limits which can leave policyholder vulnerable in the event that they cause an accident which costs exceed limits of the policy.

For example, the state of California only requires a liability limit for physical damage in the amount of $5,000; the cost of repairing or replacing an automobile can exceed this amount if the insured strikes a high end vehicle and can leave the motorist responsible for paying any remaining compensation due to another party; higher limits may prevent this from occurring.

Covering one’s self for liability is important to protect assets, but other types of coverage can also be beneficial and are often recommended; when purchasing policies motorists should consider Comprehensive and Collision, Uninsured Motorist (if not required by the state), medical payments and even reimbursements for towing and rental cars. Paying for the costs which would have been covered by these options can become extremely expensive following a loss.

Consumers should take the time to understand what coverage will benefit them and their needs for protection; The Utah Insurance Department suggests checking with public libraries, state insurance departments, online resources, consumer groups and consumer publications.


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