A New Approach to Satisfying, Healthy Hot Meals.

HotMealsAtWork.com would like to present to you, the newest innovation in food preparation, called the Macrowave. It is by far the simplest way for you to enjoy a satisfying and healthy meal heated to perfection.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – March 15, 2013 - Madison Heights Michigan – Add the word microwave to your list of ancient, archaic vocabulary, just below, rabbit ears, 8-track players, and leaded gasoline. Microwaves are about to become the dinosaurs in the world of rapidly advancing technology.

Introducing the newest innovation in food preparation, HotMealsAtWork.com would like to present to you, the Macrowave, the simplest way for you to enjoy a satisfying and healthy meal heated to perfection. Whether at work or at home, the Macrowave allows you to enjoy hot healthy food with minimal preparation. Not only will nutritional meals be waiting for you at the lowest possible price, there will be no traffic jams in the lunch room, enjoyment of your lunch-break will be maximized, and the risk of contamination by others will be dramatically decreased. It is also safe and easy for everyone to use.

HotMealsAtWork.com President Mark Janisse says the Macrowave is truly the best new break room appliance in decades. “There are so many benefits,” he stated. “People at work and at school are finally getting to enjoy their lunch-break the way they want to. It’s changing the way people think about eating lunch because we’re making it easier and safer for everyone to have a hot and healthy daily meal.” Janisse believes the Macrowave will encourage others to follow suit by adopting more nutritious eating habits.

Using the Macrowave is so simple, even a child can do it, making it perfect for the workplace and busy household. “It’s 100% automatic,” stated Janisse, “so it can’t get much easier.” Each shelf in the Macrowave is designed to heat one meal. Upon arriving in the morning, the meal is placed on the shelf, and then the owner of the meal walks away. “That’s all you do,” confirmed Janisse. A red and blue LED light system on each shelf lets you know the status of the meal which is heated very gently and held at an optimum temperature until the meal is ready to be eaten. If the meal is not eaten until later, it will still be warm without being over-heated or dried out. Your meal is waiting to be eaten when you are ready for lunch.

Getting ready for work or school in the morning can be frantic at the best of times. That is another reason why the Macrowave can make your life easier. You can simply grab your container filled with leftovers, or a pre-packaged frozen meal and fly out the door. No need to “put a lunch together” while trying to get ready in the morning. The Macrowave accepts any sealed meal container or prepackaged commercial dinner. No re-packaging is necessary. The Macrowave can heat plastic, cardboard, glass, and even metal flat-bottomed containers. And neither do you have to constantly “check up” on your meal. Because the heating process is slow and gradual, not unlike a crock-pot, food is cooked thoroughly and evenly. Not hot or cold spots, no burned or crispy edges, and no pops or explosions.

An internal survey at Priority Health Systems of Michigan, an early user of the Macrowave in the workplace, reported that 86% of users reported a strong preference over the microwave.

The once technologically innovative microwave is no longer keeping up with the times. In our fast-paced world, we don’t have time to stand around in front of the microwave waiting for a meal. The Macrowave heats multiple meals at the same time and they are ready with minimal preparation. That means no more line-ups in the lunch room. Everyone can grab their food without having to wait for someone else. And no longer will you have to clean up someone else’s mess. All containers placed in the Macrowave remain sealed throughout the cooking process. No odours, popping or exploding food means no cross-contamination, and that equals safer, healthier eating.

The Macrowave gives you options for hot and nutritious meals at the lowest possible cost. Dashing off to the nearest fast food place takes time and money. Cheap fast food isn’t healthy and healthy fast food isn’t cheap. The Macrowave allows you to stay in, relax while enjoying your ready-and-waiting meal, prepared with the food you want, your way, and at no more expense than leftovers. Unwinding at lunch helps lower your heart rate and get rid of daily stress. Using the Macrowave can supercharge your performance and raise your levels of energy and enthusiasm.

The Macrowave is available at a discount from HotMealsAtWork.com for shipment throughout Canada and the United States. Four different sizes are available for your workplace or home. The Macrowave is manufactured by Haven Innovations in Grand Haven, Michigan.

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